2009-07-23 Developers Conference Call


23 July 2009

In Attendance

  • You
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Paul Biondich
  • Mike Seaton
  • Ben Wolfe
  • Brian McKown
  • Zeshan Rajput
  • Win Ribeka
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Justin Miranda


  • Planning IRC Town Hall for GSoC?


  • Sync Hackathon in late August.
  • Deciding what to put on the agenda for today's meeting.
  • Justin announced new developer in Sri Lanka offering to help with UI redesign.
  • Planning IRC Town Hall for GSoC and /wiki/spaces/RES/pages/26312801?
    • Interns can interact as group to share what they've worked on so far.
    • Yea/Nay?
    • A showcase of projects should be necessary to get feedback on projects.
    • Objective is more than getting projects done, it's for students to be involved in open source project.
  • Reviewing OpenMRS 1.5 RC lab
    • HtmlFormentry and FormEntry are included.
    • Forms tab on patient dashboard was removed and replaced with an "Enter Form" button under the Encounters tab.
      • AMPATH needs a data entry interface... our opinion is continue to use Forms tab.
      • LEMMA: We should not make any significant changed to the UI without discussing it first.
      • We could make a configuration option to display/hide the forms tab.
      • Or "FormEntry" tab in core openmrs that can be optionally displayed and that supports any module that wants to add forms related items under the tab.
      • We should also allow viewing Observations independent of viewing an Encounter.
        • Separating Encounter from Forms is on Road Map
  • Under Encounters Tab - Edit and View buttons can be overridden to provide different functionality.
    • However, behaviors launched by icons should be consistent with the icon. Should use different icons for different behaviors or keep the actions consistent among encounters on the page.
    • Instead of some icons under View replacing the page and other icons launching a pop-up window, we could consistently use a modal pop-up that grays out the background.
    • Would be good to review a long, complex form on lab5.
    • If we decide to use modal pop-up, it is preferable that the ESCAPE key backs out of the modal interface.
    • AMPATH: only about 1% of Encounters get edited.
  • Status of Logic Branch?
    • Needs Code Review.
    • Deprecate logic that is already in core OpenMRS yes/no? Or move that into a module?
    • TODO: Schedule a high-level Code Review of logic and move code into trunk.
  • TODO's before 1.5 release:
    • Bring back the Form tab on Patient Dashboard.
    • Remove Edit button under Encounter tab and put it on the page shown by the View button.
    • Use modal pop-up for action after clicking on an encounter under the Encounter tab.
    • Clean up version 1.4 critical tickets
  • Burke does stand up comedy while sitting down.

    *Nos vemos en el ciberespacio!