2006-04-27 Developers Conference Call

OpenMRS is growing

  • Zambia Group, Malawi Group, ...
  • Discussed options for growing the group
    • Define modules that are needed?
  • Changes coming to subversion
    • Using /trunk, /branches, and /tags
  • Unit Testing
    • How to test the UI?
  • Updates from RG
    • Data model changes coming
      • Adding addresses for users
        • We talked about making users and patient extend person
          • Duplicate names/addresses for users? Or re-model and even allow person to be the subject of obs? (to allow observations about users, etc.)
      • Sets - we will separate sets from classes
      • Synonyms - synonyms will be classified as alternate names or lookup phrases, we will add concept_synonym.lookup_only (or something like that) as a bit
      • Answers - we will add answer_class and answer_set to concept_answer table
      • identifier_type.preferred and/or identifier_type.required to promote and/or require use of identifiers
  • Transaction processing (Justin)

Discussion Points:

  • PIH needs to schedule a walkthrough of RG's order entry system