2010-06-24 Developers Conference Call


24 June 2010

In Attendance


  • Quickly review previous meeting minutes (5 min)
  • Summer of Code updates - Group 3
    • Bug Analytics - Shivashankar Subramanian (15 min)
    • Enhancing the Patient De-duplication Module - Suneeth Reddy Arra (15 min)
    • HTML Form Entry Module Enhancements - Xiaohu Fan (15 min)
    • Metadata Sharing Project - Rafal Korytkowsk (15 min)
    • Remark Module - Christian Chircu (15 min)
  • Quick update on go-live for JIRA and associated tools (5 min)
  • 1.7 Release update (2 min)
  • After-action review & next week's agenda (5 min)


Summer of Code Updates - Group 3

Deduplication Intern: Suneeth, Mentors: James Egg, Shaun Grannis

  • patient duplicates happen all the time. the goal of this project is to extend the current patientmatching module to allow installations to easily find duplicate patients and then link into the current openmrs Merge Patients screen
  • technical goals:
    • patientmatching was built for 1.3. It has been upgraded to 1.6 (done)
    • accurately show the current progress of patientmatching (done)
    • make process asynch so admins can leave screen if necessary
    • add ability to schedule
    • add link to current openmrs Merge Patient page
    • update documentation
  • Got a walkthrough of a running example and current features of patientmatching from Shaun/James/Suneeth

htmlformentry Intern: Xiaohu Fan, Mentor: Mark Goodrich, Darius Jazayeri

  • There are a lot of new feature requests for this formentry tool.
  • technical goals:
    • repeat tag to allow for a variable number of inputs
  • Got a demo of the variable tag working
  • TODO: more tickets for more features in htmlformentry

Bug Analytics Intern: Shiva, Mentor: Diederik, David

  • Goal is to add a plugin for jira to make finding duplicate tickets and/or the right person to work on it
  • technical goals:
    • Create algorithms to get find who is expert, how duplicates are determined (done)
    • Use algorithms to find suggest duplicate tickets (done)
    • Create jira plugin using algorithm and suggestion duplicates

Metadata sharing Intern: Rafal, Mentors: Darius, Jeremy

  • Goal is to be able to export metadata (locations, encounter types, etc) to other openmrs installations
  • technical goals:
    • export a package of metadata as file (nearly done)
    • import package of metadata as file (half done)
    • publish/subscribe to updates of a set of metadata

Remark Module Intern: Christian, Mentor: Wyclif, Sy

  • Goal is to allow text notes to be kept on a patient, obs, etc. (think post-it notes)
  • technical goals:
    • add new Remark object (done)
    • add remark portlet to be used on multiple pages (done)
    • Add ability to reply, delete, etc to remarks in the portlet (done)
    • make remark portlet use ajax to submit
    • make remark smaller and take up less space


One week from now Jira will go live (http://tickets.openmrs.org). The trac tickets will be ported over and all new tickets and ticket editing will happen on jira. Links to dev.openmrs.org will forward to the right tickets. More information on the dev list.

1.7 update

We now have 11 tickets outstanding. They will probably be done by next week's alpha release date.

A few bug fixes can be put off and fixed before the 1.7 beta release.


Sy will send an email to the dev list about getting some help with a few pending comments.