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  • Quickly review previous meeting minutes (5 min)
  • OpenMRS 2.x Android Client
  • Converting to MariaDB or PostgresDB
  • Review next meeting agenda


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OpenMRS Developers Forum 2015-04-16
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Michael Downey
  • Tim Nicholson
  • Ada Yeung
  • Rafal Korytkowski
  • Wyclif Luyima
  • Ryan Yates
  • Kamil Kalfas
  • Sara Armson
  • Milan Karunarathne
  • Tomasz Mueller
  • Paul Biondich
  • Willa Mhawila
  • Daniel Kayiwa
  • Suranga Kasthurirathne
  • Tharunya
  • Review old TODOs
  • TODO: Notify presenters about their dev forum topics
  • TODO: Re-schedule Android Client presentation
  • OpenMRS 2.x Android Client
  • Questions
  • so information syncing is via xform instance data processing? 
  • Using REST API for queries
  • Submitting data using XForms
  • Are there examples of use in productions?
  • Not yet. But people are expressing interest.
  • Converting to MariaDB or PostgresDB
  • Background
  • By using MySQL, we may be putting OpenMRS at risk in the long run, since MySQL isn't fully controlled by an open source community.
  • "I think the most valuable first thing we can do in this area is to have CI setups which test doing a from-scratch install of the reference application, against other DBs (mariadb and postgresql being the obvious ones)."
  • We're using Hibernate & Liquibase, so they should work with popular DBs, the problem may lie with modules.
  • How many distributed modules are not using hibernate + liquibase?
  • Goal:
  • OpenMRS should be able to run atop PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle, and SQL-Server
  • Rather than doing all at once, we should prioritize these:
  • 2: PostgreSQL
  • 3: Oracle
  • 4: SQLServer
  • Action items
  • TODO: Set up CI builds for MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and SQLServer, Oracle
  • We assume these will not be green lights
  • TODO: Create tickets to address problems that occur
  • TODO: Schedule sprint(s) to address tickets
  • How many times in the past have we raised this topic? :-)
  • 4.6
  • After Action Review
  • What did you expect to happen?
  • No after action review
  • What actually happened?
  • No after action review
  • What can we do better?
  • Stop pretending that we are doing after action review in developer forums. :-)
  • Preview Next Week
  • QA Systems
  • load testing and performance testing



  • Audio recording of the call: Listen online or download (available after the meeting)