2010-01-14 Developers Conference Call


14 January 2010

In Attendance

  • Paul Biondich
  • Michael Downey
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Justin Miranda
  • Win Ribeka
  • Mike Seaton
  • Yati Tandon
  • Ben Wolfe
  • Zeshan Rajput




  • Ben contacted someone at Verio and we can keep 2 of their Plus" VM's there. (60 GB disk, 768 MB-1.5 GB RAM) Paul suggests running Confluence on one of them.
  • CI is better suited for a smaller VM somewhere else.
  • A VM template should be created for labs so new VM's could be spun up quickly on request. Ben will try to get a copy of the VM image of the demo site or a lab.

1.6 Alpha Release

  • Still on track for tomorrow's target date!
  • Two outstanding issues are being worked.
  • Darius still needs to write release notes and run through test scripts. After the alpha release, he will write some test scripts for Selenium.
  • Ben's HOWTO package a WAR file containing core modules: Put modules in web/WEB-INF/coreModules folder and package the WAR.
  • Win's logic will go in as 1.0.
  • Post-alpha release strategy: Darius will lead a weekly review for subsequent releases: beta, RC1, and RCx (as needed), then 1.6 final release.
  • Saeed, Yati, Michael and others (whoever can be recruited) will test the app against Testing_Releases and report bugs. Paul is buying lunch for whoever reports the most.
  • Ben will look try to get the alpha release installed on one of the labs (while we still have them) so those who don't have their own test environment can test.


  • Justin felt that a wiki page should be written on the benefits and issues surrounding Maven. The build process is nice, but there is a non-trivial learning curve.
  • The community reaction was that Maven seemed complicated. How does it compare to Ivy/Ant?
  • Someone had done a "poll" that showed a 50/50 split between Maven and Gradle.
  • Mike: Maven (or not) should be a strategic decision - there should be some clear strategic goals for development tools.
  • Paul: Clearly some people are ravin' about Maven. But is there something we're trying to fix?
  • Ben felt that since most of the core developers haven't/don't use Maven, it wouldn't be worth the time to become Maven mavens. O.o
  • However, there is probably value in one person diving into Maven in their spare time, creating a "Maven branch" to give it a thorough evaluation before we become a Maven haven. Darius will continue working with the ThoughtWorks guy on this. Any other takers?
  • Win "knows a guy" who is one of the Maven core group. The guy is French but he was Win's mentor, so he must not be too bad.

Training Workshop

  • A weeklong training session will be held in the Regenstrief HITS building (Indianapolis) the week of 8-February to 12-February from 9 AM to 5 PM each day. All OpenMRS developers of all skillsets are welcome to attend.
  • Darius needs a place to stay. Any volunteers should e-mail him photos of accommodations so he may do a feline inspection.
  • Ben and Darius are working on a tentative schedule/agenda/topic list.
  • Michael is working on recording, videoconferencing, slide sharing, etc. for live and later "on demand" viewing of the training. Need to determine what technology is available at Regenstrief.

Web Services