2010-03-11 Developers Conference Call


11 March 2010

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In Attendance




1.6 release

  • 1.6 release candidate was released and announced yesterday. There were some bugs that had to be addressed which led to the delay.
  • No new issues, only waiting on any new issues that may surface.
  • Assuming no bugs, a full release could happen by 19-March.
  • James Arbaugh may test the RC in addition to AMPATH.
  • Darius recommends that we look at a better automatic way to look at generating change logs.
  • Burke discussed having a summary and then linking to the the full changelog. Ben discussed how Spring does it. We should have a list of the all the tickets/issues, as well as the summary.
  • Darius feels that doing a good summary would double or triple the workload of the release manager.
  • Need a database changelog as well.
  • Ben may work on a script to export a text file from Trac/JIRA. Perhaps an ant target to print out the subversion change log.

Jembi team

Application and UI refactoring

  • Darius discussed the rationale for the UI work. He sent out an e-mail last week asking for ideas about UI frameworks.
  • Portal/portlet application model would be a possible new paradigm, but Spring supports it. He also thinks Wicket is interesting to look at.
  • Saptarshi and his colleagues are asking why we need to do a UI change, and prioritize needs.
    • Some values for the new approach: Rapid prototyping ability, approachable learning curve for newcomers, resuse of components, appearance, maturity of frameworks, backwards compatibility, etc.
    • We could do some brainstorming and rank these.
    • Jeremy suggests moving away from having controls in the JSP, and just doing presentation in the JSP.
    • Sy pointed to the need to design for degradation in low-end systems in developing countries for the client-side. Pointed to Spring Roo as a tool for rapid development along with Spring 3 for server-side.

      Paul reminded us that much has changed much in the 5 years since we started with the current UI. If there's a way to do it better, we need to work as a community to make sure we "get it right" - there's major strategic value for OpenMRS.*We need to take this seriously.

OASYS project update

  • Zeshan and Dieterich gave a brief update about the messaging module project.
  • Mostly completed with design, with a remaining question:
    • What is the best way to store the message content in the database?
      • Burke: We want to support an audit trail, retention should be up to the system users. If it's just for auditing, use logging and don't write to the database.
      • Darius: Keeping the content of messages is a good idea. Keeping e-mail and attachments, not so much.
    • What about MMS (sending and receiving image attachments)?
      • Burke: Suggested using complex obs
  • Created and finalized a test environment, and ready to begin development this week.
  • Dieterich will start committing very soon.
  • Zeshan will be out next week; Dieterich will give an update again next week.

GSoC Project Review

Suitable "Unassigned" Projects

  • Concept Proposal Module
  • Import/Export Module
    • Darius & Mike Seaton: Break down to smaller projects
  • Move Address and Name Layout Definitions to Global Properties
    • Not high priority
  • Approximate Date Support
    • Scope: Build a prototype
  • Billing Module
  • Radiology Module
  • Genome Data Storage and Drug Resistance Prediction
    • Carl will revise this
  • Encounter Type Hierarchy
    • Partly done already
  • Localization Tools
    • Scope: Partial - localize string
  • Change Module Sqldiff to Use a Liquibase Changeset file
    • Advanced skills necessary
  • Refine OpenMRS Module Administration

Suitable "Active" Projects

  • Adding "Note" Functionality to DB / API
  • Longitudinal Data Review (Discrete Data Flowsheet) Module
  • Integration of the OpenEMPI Master Patient Index with OpenMRS
  • Global Caching Support for OpenMRS Logic Service
    • Win wants to work on this
  • Automated "In-line" OpenMRS Web Application Updates

Not Suitable for GSoC

  • Module Data Removal
    • Too messy, but do-able with liquibase
  • New OpenMRS Website Template
  • Boolean Concepts
  • Integrate the Ivy Build System
  • Mental Health Module
    • Will be re-configured
  • OpenMRS J2ME Application

Completed or Cancelled

  • XForms Designer
  • Web-based Logging Controls
  • WYSIWYG Form Designer for Html Form Entry Module - almost done
  • Serialization Service
  • Global Property Types - 80%
  • Role-based home page
  • Audit Module (Data Integrity Module)
  • Video Upload and Review From Mobile Phones
  • Support for Active Lists
  • Integration of the OpenEMPI Master Patient Index with OpenMRS
  • Enhancing Patient De-duplication Workflow
  • Digital Image Importing Functionality
  • Structured Numeric Support - 80%
  • XForms in OpenMRS
  • OpenMRS Lab System Integration
  • Groovy Forms Module
  • Facility Data Module
  • Integrating OpenMRS with FrontlineSMS (mobile phone software)
  • Integration of OpenMRS and DHIS v2
  • Integration of OpenMRS and DHIS v1.4
  • Integration of OpenMRS and the Electronic TB Register (ETR.Net)
  • OpenMRS Transport Layer
  • Developer Documentation
  • Integrate Quartz Scheduler into OpenMRS

Unknown Status

  • Data Synchronization: Create New Sync Node
  • Integration of OpenMRS with EpiHandy
  • LDAP Module - 80%
    • Needs more design work
  • OpenMRS Patient Authentication via Hybrid Online/Offline Mobile Phones


  • IRC worked well today. People on the phone felt like they were able to speak up.
  • Next week will have low attendance due to another OpenMRS meeting.