2007-05-10 Developers Conference Call

<html><head><title></title></head><body>h1. 10 May 2007

In Attendance

  • Paul Biondich
  • Ben Wolfe
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Maros Cunderlik
  • Justin Miranda
  • Brian McGowen
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Hamish Fraser


Changes to Location Table:

After some discussion about location table, Burke said- The more immediate need is the ability to create sets of locations. We would have a location type table and we would have a location location type table. In the end, there would be three tables. There would be a location type table, there would be a table that would relate locations to their types, so there could be many-to-many, and then there would be a hierarchy table that would be a location hierarchy table that would have parent location and child location, both pointing to the location ID. What Darius is asking for, we think, is the types.

Google Summer of Code:

Students will not be ready until the first week of June. Code repository is correct, so now that we have all the new developers coming we want them to be putting code into the right places. Ben completed this. The other issue was creating the community resources in a better design and what I have been working with Justin on is this rss feed notion. When we asked the students what they wanted and how they wanted to communicate, the one popular suggestion was to have blogs. Justin is getting us set up on refeed, which would allow end users to have their own blog and we would use refeed to aggregate all those blogs and then make subsets of those based upon certain tag types.

Importing through HL7:

Burke-I don’t think we want the default to be what you are suggesting. What I have been imagining we could do for HL7 specific events or handling would be to put in hooks and then hook those with a module.

Concept Model Changes:

Burke-We have talked through those and I think everyone is in agreement but it has not been finalized.


We will discuss Google Summer of Code at the next meeting.
Meeting Adjourned''


  • Discuss changes to <tt>location</tt> table
    • Add <tt>location_type</tt> (see Darius' email below)
    • Add <tt>location.parent_location</tt>
    • See location changes below
  • Importing via HL7 — how to handle data for non-existent patients
    • shelved since Darius isn't on the call (Burke will work out over e-mail with Darius)
  • Supporting localization of data generically (#372)
    • without Andreas, Andy, or Darius, we'll defer this conversation
  • Finalizing changes to concept data model (MVP page, #97)
    • Burke & Paul will pursue with Andreas and Andy
  • GSoC updates
  • Step through services to clean up API
    • Burke and Darius will do

Darius' email

I want to add a locationType field to Location. So you can denote locations to be things like "Region", "City", "District Hospital", "Health Center", "Laboratory", etc. We have two immediate use cases: --Darius

  1. I want to be able to constrain address elements (Region, District, State, etc) to predefined options.
  2. As part of the lab specimen tracking system that we're working on, we want to be able to give the users a choice of only laboratories in some cases.

    create table LocationType (
    (creator, etc)
    insert into LocationType (location_type_id, name, description) values (1, 'Unknown Location Type', 'Location type is unspecified');
    alter table Location add column locationType references LocationType;
    update Location set location_type = 1;

Location Changes

  • location_hierarchy
    • parent_location_id
    • child_location_id
  • location_type
    • location_type_id
    • name
    • description
  • location_type_map
    • location_type_map_id (do we need this?)
    • location_id
    • location_type_id