2007-06-28 Developers Conference Call

<html><head><title></title></head><body>1. Review status of GSoC projects

  • Matthew Harrison -> OpenOffice XForms Integration
  • Zach Elko -> Installer
  • Rudd Zwolinski -> BIRT ODA Driver
  • Matthias Nuessler -> PDA/XForms Integration
  • Gjergi Strakosha -> ETL/Warehousing
  • Anders Gjendem -> Synchronization
  • Hugo Rodrigues -> Cohort Visualization
  • Sashikanth Damaraju -> Patient Visualization
  • Vladimir Mitrovic -> Logic Service
  • Sarp Centel -> Patient Matching Service
  • Desmond Elliott -> Order Entry "Widgets"
  • Geoffrey Rekier -> Data Set Definition Tool

1b. For each student project:

  • How often do you communicate with your student?
  • Is there consensus on what their method of code contribution is (branch/module), and is this set up?
  • Any problems?
  • Do you need help with mentorship?
  • Overall impression of intern progress at this point?
  • Will there be a code artifact delivered by mid-term evaluation time (July 9-16th)?

2. Data model changes

  • Synchronization data model changes (history tables)
  • patient_address changes — Revision 1912
  • MVP concept changes

GSoC notes

  • Each student should update wiki project page for mid-term
  • Consider using Google doc as a whiteboard if it helps
  • Soliciting community input: consider adding notes to your wiki project page and then e-mailing developer and/or implementer lists to solicit input and direct people to your project page or discussion page for your project