Release Notes 1.4.4

  • Release date: July 15th 2009
  • Be sure to run the update-to-latest.sql file on your database
  • If updating from a version less than or equal to 1.4.1, it is recommended that you re-run the "Update Concept Words". See link on the Administration screen.
  • FormEntry Module 3.6.5 is included in the openmrs war file
  • Download OpenMRS 1.4.4

Bug fixes included in this release:


Add an option for searching anywhere within patient names to identify possible matches


Fixed duplicate identifiers error on patient merge


Fixing concept_word table upgrade in update-to-latest sql file to eliminate duplicate primary key error


Fixing API not locking out users after multiple login attempts in the future


Added ability to create a date observation in the most recent observations portlet (Thanks Ellen!)


Added DefaultAnnotationHandlerMapping so that modules can use annotation-driven Spring MVC without having to all include duplicate copies of this


Moved web/scripts/* to web/WEB-INF/view/scripts/* to get rid of stack overflow exeptions due to recursive file openings


Fixed bad link for row per obs data exports


Fixed ConceptWordUpdateTask to actually finish successfully


Fixing update-to-latest to not break when setting the concept_word primary key


Set encoding to utf-8 for all messages files


Fixed date formatting to work with all known java locales

More detailed information can be found by looking at the tickets closed for all releases in the 1.4 line.

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