2014-09-18 Developers Forum

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  • Quickly review previous meeting minutes (5 min)
  • Scrum/sprint Updates (Allergy Sprint), Incorporate Atlas Module to OpenMRS distribution
  • Review next meeting agenda


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Developers Forum 2014-09-18
  • Michael Downey
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Wyclif Luyima
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Sara Armson
  • Ada Yeung
  • Cosmin Ioan
  • Daniel Kayiwa
  • Nyoman Ribkea
  • Sri Maurya K.
  • Karl Wurst
  • Alexis Duque
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Agenda & Notes
  • Review last week's outstanding TODO's (OpenMRS 2.1 Planning)
  • TODO: Chris Power to schedule how Reporting in OpenMRS 2.1 will get done (or find out if Darius is going to address reporting for 2.1)
  • TODO: ??? to Refactor HTML Form Entry to store its model into form_field when a form is updated
  • TODO: ??? to Send form references 
  • TODO: Darius? to feature toggle all functionality that is not complete
  • TODO: Darius? to remove some modules from OpenMRS 2.1, maybe?
  • TODO: Burke to schedule a dev forum to revisit future release process/scheduling/strategy
  • TODO: ??? Add Atlas module to OpenMRS 2.1
  • TODO: Burke to get a discussion about release process "big picture" ad
  • For OpenMRS 2.1, we still need help with one fairly large task
  • Scrum/sprint Updates (Allergy Sprint)
  • TODO: Ask Cintia (or others) to review our Bamboo deployment plans (e.g. Modulus) and do the same for OpenMRS 2.1 to uat02.openmrs.org
  • TODO: Schedule next round of Allergies tasks (don't drop the ball -Darius)
  • Schedule changes
  • Thoughtworks group working on Merge Concept MOdule is unable to make the Oct 2nd call and would like to reschedule it
  • TODO: Sara will email TW & Bhamni team to ask for which week later in October works and we'll swap topics
  • Incorporate Atlas Module to OpenMRS distribution 
  • We will adapt the Atlas module to bug the admin until they choose to configure Atlas or decline
  • OpenMRS 2.x comments that arose
  • We need Administration button on main page and Atlas, Advanced Administration, etc. would go under (inside) it.
  • We need support for a notification banner in the new UI
  • After action review
  • Cancelled due to lack of interest in reviewing ourselves
  • What did you expect to happen?
  • What actually happened?
  • What can we do better?
  • Preview next week
  • "Content Modules": Can we define a standardized pattern by which a module could include metadata



  • Audio recording of the call: Listen online or download (available after the meeting)