2010-03-25 Developers Conference Call


25 March 2010

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1.6 release update

  • One item has been entered since RC - a UI issue about retiring forms.
  • No reports of 1.6 bugs ... ready for release.
  • Jeremy reported about RC at AMPATH in Kenya. He hasn't heard any problems. Only issues were unrelated to code (MySQL errors). Paul said it's probably OK, since they only hear about problems and not much praise. They have been doing reports over the past week on the RC with no complaints.
  • James Arbaugh was upgrading his test server, Darius will verify he didn't have any problems.
  • Darius is ready for to release today or tomorrow and announce it to The Entire World.
  • Many thanks to Darius for his hard work on 1.6.

OASYS project update

  • Another big commit coming from Dieterich in a few days
  • Starting SMS and Twitter functionality testing next week
  • Looking at the limitation for GSM modems for sending large numbers of messages - need alternatives like SMPP
  • Working on some hardware issues on the test server, next week people should be able to do "live" testing with SMS's.
  • Zeshan will be missing next week during this testing (smile)
  • SMPP, Twitter, E-mail, SMS are included in this initial proof of concept.
  • Need feedback on UI design once it's released.

GSoC update

  • Students apply 29-March through 9-April
  • Many mentors have been matched with projects.

    *Shaun Grannis who has a project that needs to be posted.
    *PIH (Mike, Justin, and Mark) will work out some projects and put a mentor with them in the next day or two.
    Boolean Concepts project seems to be mostly done.*Wyclif will review it and see if there's enough work for GSoC.
    *Ben thinks the Refine OpenMRS Module Administration project is too small to be a GSoC project. He will revise the description a bit to make it GSoC-worthy.
    *Justin would like to do an ETL tool project.

  • Each project mentor should identify someone in the implementer community to be a "champion" for the project. This will make it clear that it's a real-life project.
  • We need to triage students to projects as early in the process as possible.
  • Code review on Monday will be usurped to discuss core-affecting GSoC projects.

Roadmap for 2010-2011

  • Synchronization
    • Release alpha of sync module with appropriate caveats now
  • *Ben will send out an e-mail this week about the alpha
  • *People will give feedback for iterative changes through the year
  • *PIH is upgrading Rwanda to use the new sync in the next few months
    • Final release of sync module before next year
  • Reporting
    • Release of 0.4 within 14 days (March 32nd)
    • 10 pre-canned datasets (e.g., for reporting 0.5)
    • PEPFAR report done using OpenMRS at one non-PIH site
    • Justin passes the torch (or gets a compatriot)
  • UI Framework
    • Awesome New UI
    • New Framework of re-usable components
    • Support at least five different workflows (not just data entry)
      • Data Entry
      • Provider
      • Patient
      • Registration
      • Data Analyst
  • Data Quality Tools
    • Patient Flags rules should feed into Data Integrity Module "dashboard" – i.e., many rules used in data integrity would also apply at an individual level (flag)
    • Data Integrity Module in regular use by AMPATH and at least one PIH implementation
  • Concept Name Tagging
    • Should be fixed & released
  • Performance
    • At least one performance-focused release
    • We know what it would take to support 2 million patients (e.g., running on clustered web servers)
  • Patient De-duplication
    • UI for discovering/ranking duplicates
    • Basic configuration by default and tools to configure for specific implementation
    • Easy way to click to accept/decline matches
  • Maven
    • Most (if not all) devs are using it
    • Create module archetype
    • Jetty with hot-swapping
    • Re-organized folders, fixed documentation, an OpenMRS Maven repository
  • Web Services
    • Enhance REST module and web services module(s) to support both fetch and create/update for multiple domain objects & metadata (users, patients, locations)
    • RapidSMS, AMPATH, and others using web services are happy
  • Technical Documentation
    • OpenMRS has a technical document (reference manual) that serves needs of both new/mid-level developers and basic administration (installing, configuring, basic troubleshooting)
    • Technical documentation and Javadoc API are easy to find for devs coming to OpenMRS.org
  • OpenMRS 2.0 (or is it 3.0?)
    • Work/planning has begun on the next generation of OpenMRS (e.g., major API changes, DTOs, etc.)
    • Road Map reflects plan for the next big version (pro-active instead of re-active)
  • Support for Hospital System(s)
    • Working group exists for hospital-based systems
      • Simple lab module
      • Simple pharmacy module
      • Simple radiology module
      • Simple registration module
      • Simple order entry module
      • Simple billing module
      • Surgery content module