2007-03-15 Developers Conference Call


15 March 2007

In Attendance

  • Paul Biondich
  • Ben Wolfe
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Justin Miranda
  • Hammish Fraser
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Christian Allen
  • Andy Kollegger


Google Summer of Code 2007

Paul encouraged Justin to get involved with IRC. Paul mentioned that there are a lot of people on IRC, who want to be involved in the open source community.

Paul mentioned that he and Burke are foregoing AMIA papers to concentrate on the Google Summer of Code and getting the word out. There are only 9 days to receive applicants and they need to concentrate their efforts on that. Paul said, â€ÂÂÂWe need a publicity splash.†Burke mentions that he and Paul will hack out a press release/news announcement and send it out on the announce OpenMRS.org but then make that available so that we can kind of have a coordinated attack on whatever contacts we have. Paul has a number of folks at AMIA that he can send stuff to. Hammish has a number of connections. Paul will be the point person for where the â€ÂÂÂmessage†is going, so email or contact him with what group you are sending the release to. Paul asked that they be posted on the developers list. This is to make sure we aren’t approaching the same people, after they have already been approached. Burke asked if the group has the means to take on 10 student projects, which is what they are going to ask Google for. Ben stated that the project lasts for 12 weeks, from end of May to end of August. They begin coding on May 28, mid-term evaluations deadline of July 16, and then the final evaluation is August 21st. (couldn’t tell whether is was Darius or Justin that said) he wouldn’t mind being the go-to guy for doing the requirements for each of those.

Paul-just got an email from Michelle Meaks (question) with the American Public Health Laboratory. She said she APHL is interested in collaborating to find a way to build it in to the OpenMRS project. Paul says APHL is having a face to face meeting between themselves and the IBM Research Center in San Jose on April 2 and 3rd and wanted to know if our group would be interested in holding a conference call during the meeting to discuss the current activities of both projects and how we can possibly move forward. One of the subcommittee members was also interested in seeing a demo of the OpenMRS system and if we are open to this they will have the technology to host a WebX during this meeting.

Paul asked the group is any of them had the time or interest in reviewing applications that will come in over the next 9 days. Everyone on the call agreed that they have the time to review and rank the applications that come in.

Some discussion on where to put announcements and a reminder to post on the developers list.

License Agreement

Burke and Paul looked over everything and are fine with all edits, etc. and will run it by Viki. The next step within the next day or two is to have it printed up, get the license on the web site, and get the assignment documents out to everyone.

Meeting Adjourned