2009-09-03 Developers Conference Call


3 September 2009

In Attendance


  • You
  • Paul Biondich
  • Mike Seaton
  • Ben Wolfe
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Justin Miranda
  • Win Ribeka
  • Brian McKown


  • What is status of GSoC 2009 Projects? Anything else to do to wrap-up Summer Of Code 2009? Should we have Wiki page for completed Projects and move completed Active Projects there?
  • Releasing 1.4.5 and 1.5.0 ?
  • Review the Road Map


  • Completed Projects Page
    • Table format with links to project pages.
    • Justin mentioned announcing to dev/implementer's list projects that are ready to be used (such as scheduler).
    • A lot of projects are 95% complete... so when are they ready to be called complete?
      • Mentor, or better the Student, would send out a note to mailing list with project and Wiki page.
    • Burke opposes maintaining another Wiki page.
      • Could categorize pages on their projects page.
      • Projects should be moved off of the Active Projects page when they are no longer actively worked on.
      • Fear having a 'graveyard' of completed projects page.
    • Once started working on project it should have a page.
    • Completed project: if targets are met and no plans are present to continue actively working on the project, then it is completed and should be removed from Active Projects page.
    • Darius: When project reaches it's 1.0 stage and has it's own documentation page, it should be removed from Active Projects page.
    • Burke: As long as target is met from Active Projects page, whether or not the project is at a 1.0 stage, it should be removed.
    • If someone takes on a project, it gets moved from New Projects page to Active Projects page.
    • If the the project on Active Projects page gets abandoned, it should be moved back to new and unclaimed projects.
    • If the goals of the project are met, it should be removed from Active Projects page.
    • Finding completed projects should be done via categorization of the project.
    • TODO: Brian to add to Conventions documentation on how we manage the projects page.
      • Add section on Projects Management to the Conventions page.
  • Release 1.4.5 and 1.5.0
    • James Arbaugh has tested 1.5.0
    • Testing 1.5.0 would 'implicitly' be part of the pre-2009 Implementers Group Meeting hack-a-thon, but prefer not to make the hack-a-thon into a test-a-thon. Darius thinks we should not spend time testing 1.5.0 during hack-a-thon.
    • Sync Module may be ready to be released in 4-6 weeks in alpha stage.
    • OpenMRS 1.5.0 is on the Regenstrief staging server (dev).
    • The 1.5.0 RC failed after James Arbaugh tried it? Ben: The startup wizard was untested and after a fix subsequently passed.
    • We should release 1.5.0 at the 2009 Implementers Group Meeting. Darius: It would be a mistake to NOT release 1.5.0 (before) the Implementers meeting because we will be coding and telling people that 'this is what the system looks like' but then not have the system released.
    • TODO: Release 1.5.0 after Ada is able to test it on dev server in Indy.
    • Release 1.4.5?
      • Darius says yes.
      • Brian says since AMPATH runs 1.4.x, it's fine for us to have 1.4.5 release.
      • TODO: Ben will test and release 1.4.5
  • Review Road Map
    • Paul and Hamish will not be available this week and next.
    • Could we review the Road Map at 2009 Implementers Group Meeting?
    • Having a decent installer is something we should have on the Road Map.
    • The OpenMRS appliance should be on Road Map too.