2009-07-09 Developers Conference Call


9 July 2009

In Attendance


  • Ben Wolfe
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • You
  • Win Ribeka
  • Mike Seaton
  • Justin Miranda
  • Hamish Fraser
  • Paul Biondich
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Brian McKown



  • AMRS Registration Module for AMPATH
    • Creating new patient Objects and generating ID cards for the patients.
    • Financial piece to be included.
    • PIH has touchscreen registration module.
      • Used as part of primary care code.
        • Does not have bar code generator yet. Can maybe use part of idcards module.
      • Showed demo to Rockefeller
      • TODO: Hamish, please ask developers to upload code to svn.openmrs.org
  • Film crew from Rockefeller coming to AMPATH
  • Volume on Hamish's microphone keeps going up and down. (smile)
  • OpenMRS 1.5 Release Candidate (See Road Map )
    • Could be released next week.
    • UUID's and Serialization have not been tested.
    • Modules must be tested with 1.5 RC.
    • Would be good to have a web test framework set up.
      • Test User Interface and API in real life use cases.
      • TODO: Create a recipe or list of items that should be tested for the release. /wiki/spaces/docs/pages/25468482
      • TODO: Darius please e-mail Implementers list for others to add to list of items to test.
      • Test top 5 modules Module Statistics
    • Need Web Layer Testing
      • But not for version 1.5
    • TODO: Ben please put OpenMRS 1.5 in labs.openmrs.org so we can test it.
    • Is there an amount of testing that a Beta version should have before it is ready to be a Release Candidate?
      • Ask the community to do testing.
      • Largest installations should test Beta before we can have Release Candidate.
      • Holding off a 1.5 Release Candidate should not preclude continuing alpha development on 1.6
    • TODO: Brian to set up 1.5 on Regenstrief staging server so we can test list of items (and modules).
  • Proposed Testing Workflow
    1. Developers test Beta version on staging server.
    2. Beta version that passes staging server tests is ready to graduate to Release Candidate.
      • Test top 5-10 modules on Beta to see if it works or not
    3. Implementers test Release Candidate in a semi-production environment.
      • Test top 5-10 modules on Release Candidate to see if it works or not
    4. Release Candidate that passes semi-production environment tests is ready to be a stable version.
  • Serialization
    • Should we pull it out of 1.5
    • Keep Serialization Framework in 1.5
    • Put rest of Serialization in a module (at least for 1.5).
    • TODO: Make a ticket to do the above.
  • Logicathon Branch
    • Create process to decide what to merge and what to purge.
    • Schedule what goes in for 1.6
    • Some of Logic can go into a module
    • Logic TODO's:
    1. TODO: Create a single notion of logic (merge things together).
    2. TODO: Win to separate logic into module (play with it).
      • Logic API should be in core. Logic Eval should be in core. Tokens, etc., too.
  • Google Summer of Code
    • Deadline for Midterm Evaluations are Monday, July 13, 12:00 Noon Pacific Time.