2007-02-22 Developers Conference Call

Meeting Minutes


In attendance:
Paul Biondich, Ben Wolfe, Martin Were, Ada Yeung, Hamish Fraser, Burke Mamlin, Justin Miranda, Christian Allen

Hamish leaving for a workshop in Brussels on the 5th of March. There is an agenda item that lists us already, so Chris Seebregts had set up some initial collaboration with them. It appears that Chris has already opened up discussion to apply for joint funding with the European Commission. Hamish also spoke to the head of the Gates Foundation, Global Health Initiative. They are really not interested in health care delivery and are more interested in vaccines, pharmaceutical, etc. He did say that the one thing he wanted to achieve through the Foundation was to give every patient a cell phone. He also said the other thing that he thought would be very helpful is to develop open standards for health information in Africa.

There was some discussion concering the licensing agreement. It was agreed upon that the attorneys might need to join in on the call for the next meeting. Hammish will be in touch with Paul this afternoon.

Paul referred Justin to an application suite called Netepi. Paul found his way onto an opensource mailing list and mentioned OpenMRS and a lot of people were interested. It appears they had been following our work for some time. A couple of people in particular were interested in trying to find ways to try to attach to OpenMRS. One of them, Tim, is based out of Australia and he is running a software suite called Netepi. Paul will forward Tim’s email to Justin to get them talking. Paul also suggested that Justin do a google search for openhealth to access the yahoo group. Justin would need to join to have access to the email thread. One of the questions they had was if reports were automatically created when you create a new form. A report that fed out whatever you were putting in, like if is spit out a table of patient data.

Christian is in Rwanda and spent the entire day with the Ministry of Health. He installed OpenMRS on one of their servers and did some quick demos. The highlight of the day today was when they finally got what it meant to have that concept dictionary and form builder tool. Basically when I did the excerise that I did it really impressed them and that was that I was able to recreate their current database, which is Fuschia, in about 25 minutes. When I went through all the steps they kind of watched in awe as I entered the patient information and then went back and made changes. For the longest time they have been working with the Fuschia database and there is no way to change any of the information or do anything different with it.