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OpenMRS Developers Forum 2014-07-03
Recording: http://goo.gl/S00N1a (audio/MP3) https://connect.iu.edu/p84315iv8c8/ (video/Adobe Flash)


  • Michael Downey
  • Chris Power
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Elliott Williams
  • Ryan Yates
  • Karl Wurst
  • Vencik
  • Lukas B.
  • Rafal Korytkowski
  • Daniel Kayiwa
  • Tim Nicholson
  • Willa
  • Alexis Duque
  • Nyoman Ribeka
  • Suranga K.
  • Darius Jazayeri

Agenda & Notes

  • Review last week TODOs - https://openmrs.atlassian.net/wiki/display/RES/2014-06-26+Developers+Forum
    • DONE: Elliott to draft a proposed set of Javascript conventions for others to review, and incorporate - https://openmrs.atlassian.net/wiki/x/GwZYAQ
    • DONE: Rafal to write down the steps for the infrastructure team to set up sonar on new ci server (like was previously on ci-stg) - (in progress/done?)
    • THIS WEEK: Rafal to add a link on our Code Conventions page to some helpview of the rules that Sonar applies
    • TODO: Darius to write a short code snippet in the Code Style page showing what nice code looks like
    • TODO: Wyclif confirm we have documented (or else document) that liquibase changesets should include comment and precondition; also specify how/if changeset comments should refer to ticket numbers, how changesets should be broken up into multiple changesets rather than lots of changes in one set.
    • TODO: "Someone" ought to Create one or more pages under our Conventions wiki page about UI Framework-related development (e.g. GSP conventions)
  • Hi Tim!
  • Hackathon Planning (Chris Power)
    • Previous discussion on Talk: https://talk.openmrs.org/t/lets-plan-a-mid-year-developer-event/108?u=michael
    • Previous discussion on dev@: https://groups.google.com/a/openmrs.org/d/topic/dev/EwwM_mr4LfE/discussion
    • OpenMRS "prides itself" (?) on having hackathons to meet face to face, build relationships, and get some quality work done.
    • It's been a long time since we've had a hackathon outside an OpenMRS conference. 
    • Do we plan on having one with OMRS14?
      • Yes. The event will be in late 2014. (We're currently finalizing dates and venues.)
      • Keep doing hackathons alongside events for a couple days.
      • Think about how to include people that can't attend OMRS14, how would that work?
    • Do we want to have one before then?
      • Implicit yes. We used to have them more frequently and have always had good experiences when doing so.
      • We can use these other events to "test the waters" of how we can use hackathons as a tool.
    • What makes a good event?
      • See Burke's comments on SDK & removable media in dev@ thread above.
      • Having them regularly -- they should be part of our "toolbox" alongside sprints, etc. as an effective way to get work done.
      • Doing work in parallel to see multiple solution ideas against a shared problem.
      • Open question: Does "remote participation" in a hackathon work? Maybe we can try some experimentation.
      • Some factors to consider:
        • Pre-hackathon planning/prep
          • Picking the topic/theme/target/method
            • Competition to do X
            • Something-a-thon, where everybody works on the same problems together
            • Educational (a task that everyone can learn to do)
          • Having a "package" with everything needed to participate (readme, SDK, any other files) on USB & downloadable(on site ftp server?)
          • Having an introductory presentation ready
            • Background, technical details
        • Communication medium
          • IRC probably friendlier
        • Coach to participant ratio
          • Coach or more senior/experienced dev? Be careful not to focus too much on training if the planned outcome is delivering software.
          • Somewhere between 4:1 to 12:1
      • Plone holds their hackathons as "sprints" - https://plone.org/events/sprints/whatis - 1 day to 1 week
        • Consider short sprint with paired programming
    • Potential topics
      • OpenMRS 2.1 release hackathon - August-ish? ?
      • SDK Hackathon (get SDK working with OMRS 2.0)
      • API & web service hackathon ?
        • Creating tools to use the web service
        • Improve our REST API self-documentation
        • Improve experience for people first coming to REST web service
      • Connect-a-thon? (Interoperability with various other tools/software, might require other projects' participation)
      • Sonarqube issues ?
        • start with most critical & easier to address
        • divide & conquer
      • Memory or other performance issues ??
      • Making OMRS 2.0 Apps?
      • Make OMRS easier to upgrade ???
        • How to upgrade massive database
      • Hackatestathon (or UI Tests) ???
      • Documentathon (e.g., improve wiki info about OMRS 2.0)
      • Creating new intro tickets
      • Create an app that would benefit aliens arriving at earth and needing an EMR -?
        • For example, create a "probe" app
      • Make 1.x modules work in 2.x ????
        • Points based on number of downloads of module
    • How long is the ideal event?
      • 2 days? 1 week? 1 month? :)
        • Burke's opinion: 2-3 days.  1 day is too short, beyond 72 hours dilutes attention.  One key ingredient is having people's focus.
        • MD: Competetions should be shorter (2-3 days) since intensity is higher. In-person "Sprints" (like Plone) can be up to 1 week because they're less rushed.
        • Consider 1-2 week pre-hackathon intro, so people can hit the ground running and potentially even start hacking before the event.
    • Action Items For the Hackathon
      • Infrastructure
        • Internet (Maven Repository, GitHub, etc.)
        • Application Requirements prior to the event
        • Flash drives with the SDK
        • A working SDK
      • Trophies/award (bring super glue)
        • OMRS mug, t-shirts, etc.
        • Consider 1st, 2nd, 3rd place prizes
        • tchotchke for everyone (thanks, Karl!)
      • Line up OpenMRS knowledge experts
      • Venue (recruit Plone's prince contributor with a castle)
  • Agenda for Next Week
  • OSCON 20-24 July - who's attending?
    • Michael Downey
    • Paul Biondich
  • After Action Review
    • What did we expect to happen?
    • What actually happened?
    • What can we do different?
  • Next Week Agenda
    • TBD
    • 24 July - Canceled due to OSCON (??)



  • Audio recording of the call: Listen online or download (available after the meeting)