2011-07-28 Leadership Conference Call


28 July 2011

How To Join

Contact Dawn Seymour for more information on how to join the call.

In Attendance

Paul Biondich
Hamish Fraser
Darius Jazayeri
Andy Kanter
Burke Mamlin
Chris Seebregts
Dawn Smith
Ben Wolfe



Topic Leader(s)




Road Map Discussion

Darius Jazayeri

30 min

Road Map

Purpose: Discuss 1.9: release date, sprints, if anything needs to be moved to 2.0

Board Updates

Paul Biondich

10 min


Purpose: Give update on call with Mitchell Baker

Updates with Indiana University

Paul Biondich

10 min




Road Map Discussion

  • Paul: 1) Existing Road Map doesn't reflect priorities 2) The nature of what we're doing isn't always about new features, but building upon old ones, and 3) there's interest in releasing our versions more often and finding a process to do that
  • Darius: We have a Road Map for OpenMRS versions, but we decided we need to improve more on existing functionality. That's resulted in not doing as much development in 1.9 and 2.0
  • Burke: The road map needs to reflect our top priorities within the community (i.e documentation)
  • Darius: If you look at orgs like Mozilla, the frequency of their releases is attributed to the fact that the items in those releases are fairly small compared to the amount we put into our releases
  • Burke: Add releases as milestones on the road map
  • Hamish: Think about the modules: ones that ppl consider essential and also taking time to test those
  • Points to take away:
    • Put together some scripts to make testing easier
    • Start continuous integration and unit testing
    • The Road Map will fundamentally change

Board Updates

  • Paul: Spoke with Mitchell Baker with Mozilla about open source representation on the NGO Board of Directors. She was very receptive and interested. Will ideally meet her and follow up with her interest in the couple of weeks

Indiana University:

  • Conversations went from why we're making OpenMRS an NGO to IU asking ways in which they can help the process.
  • Paul: drafting an MOU for faculty to understand our (Paul and Burke's) involvement with the NGO (would be good for everyone in leadership to help draft)