2013-01-03 Leadership Call


3 January 2012

How To Join

Contact Paul Biondich for more information on how to join the call.

In Attendance


  • RF Grant
  • MPL 2.0
  • RHEA & Rwanda OMRS Rollout
  • 2.0 Meeting

Meeting Minutes

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Jamie Thomas
Michael Downey
Mike Seaton
Hamish Fraser
Burke Mamlin
Paul Biondich
Darius Jazayeri


RF Grant
MPL 2.0
RHEA & Rwanda OMRS Rollout
2.0 Meeting

  • RF Grant
    • Have received a check for the grant money
    • Will need to work on an operational plan on a future call
    • Paul also working on brining in additional monies
  • MPL 2.0
    • Have gone through process and paperwork for a background check to get legal advice from Luis Villa on the license
    • Paul just sent a follow up email yesterday
    • Concensus is to use OSI approved license MPL 2.0
    • Want to get advise on whether we need to add further description of medical liablity
    • Hamish has a lawyer contact from Brigham and will speak with them about MPL
    • Could have license as soon as next week
    • Luis would come up with a document with differences from the license change so that we are transparent
    • Burke will start thinking about how to get license into the work process
  • RHEA & Rwanda OMRS Rollout
    • effected by other organizations and projects (MoH, RHEA project, Kenya rollout technology)
    • concerned about a lack of clear deliverables by clincal leadership
    • need to have better cordination with other areas of the ministry of health
    • would like to use some of the RF funds to fill a couple of spots there to help with management
    • Hamish will be in Rwanda next week, may be having a meeting by the end of next week with MoH memeber to look at outcomes
    • data collections and data management need some work so we would like to make sure there is plan
    • Hamish has asked for and not yet received a project plan from Gilbert, still waiting for this
    • Without a well established set up there could be troubles for the RHEA project down the road
    • Richard plans to use separate funds for the broadening of RHEA
    • Coorinating the rollout and having it go well is important to other OMRS work
  • 2.0 Meeting
    • Boston, Feb. 5-6?
    • Trying to bring ThoughtWorks Brazilian developer to Boston
    • Burke would not be able to make the meeting becasue of Wards
    • It would be useful to get some OMRS devs there
    • Paul says he is committed to being at the meeting
    • Also have thought about bringing in local medical expertise in from Boston that have not been so OMRS connected
    • Talk again about this on next weeks call