2013-03-07 Leadership Call


7 March 2012

How To Join

Contact Paul Biondich for more information on how to join the call.

In Attendance


  • Evaluation & Impact Role Overview - Hamish
  • Q&A

Meeting Minute

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Jamie Thomas
Hamish Fraser
Michael Seaton
Paul Biondich
Michael Downey
Chris Seebregts
Burke Mamlin
Darius Jazayeri

Evaluation & Impact Role Overview - Hamish


  • Evaluation & Impact Role Overview - Hamish presented a slide show
    • System monitoring
      • system uptime
      • daily usage - forms, patient views, reports
      • data completeness and quality
      • user experience
      • link between performance, usability, impact and costs
    • System usability
      • UI
      • user testing and experience
      • workflow
      • assessment of high value deliverables
      • access to lab data
      • loss to follow up
      • registration and IO management
    • Q: How making the distinction between "evaluating the impact of OpenMRS implementations for care provision" and "evaluating the hard performance of OpenMRS" evaluating performance characterstics of OpenMRS?
      • A: There is a little bit of overlap but these things need to be thought about by our group.
    • clinical impact
      • quality of care
      • process variables
      • delays in lab results
      • delays in ording new labs
      • delays in starting Rx
      • outcome variables
      • ....
    • data use and reporting
      • what are we using data for - clinical care, reporting, supply chain, research etc.?
      • what tools are available?
      • what are key areas of interoperability for better data use (inputs and outputs)?
      • how do we make OMRS more easy to use and less of a black box for clinicians and researchers?
    • programmatic impact
      • reporting moh
      • clinic management
      • reporting to funders
      • cost data and estimates of consumption
      • drug supply forcasting
    • economic evaluation
      • initial costs of site set up
      • longer term costs
      • total cost of ownership
      • relationship between different inputs and overall performance
    • ethical issues
      • impact evaluation is a key issue for publication and funders
      • requires large and rigourius studies
      • concerns of conflict of intrest if system
      • ...
    • lessons learned
    • 2013 Goals
      • Carry out a survey of OpenMRS implementations to assess their experience with and needs for evaluation studies
      • Develop a guide to literature on eHealth systems that have shown clinical and programmatic impact in resource poor environments and how that evidence can be translated into better support for healthcare
      • Organize a one day(question) meeting on eHealth evaluation and OpenMRS likely around the annual symposium
      • Identify 2 or more organizations that are committed to carrying out evaluation studies and provide advice and support where needed
      • Lead a strategic discussion on reporting and data access from OpenMRS
      • Lead development of tools for monitoring OpenMRS performance and use in the field along with a dashboard overview
  • Q&A:
    • 2013 Theme
    • get system recording and reporting in Rwanda
    • getting better at reporting key site requirements
    • understanding from tech perspective whether implementations are stable and what impact we have on that stability or lack of (adding this to lead bio on the wiki)
    • data completeness - implementation side and supportive activities for the data on the technical side
    • sub - community
    • evaluation work - eg. martin were
    • quality assurance types
    • performance module in rwanda (funded)
    • will be prioritize that omrs can evaluate behavior of live systems, aggragte and report back