Release Notes 1.4.5

OpenMRS 1.4.5 is a maintenance/bug fix release over OpenMRS 1.4.4.

  • Release date: Oct 2nd 2009
  • Be sure to run the update-to-latest.sql file on your database
  • If updating from a version less than or equal to 1.4.1, it is recommended that you re-run the "Update Concept Words". See link on the Administration screen.
  • FormEntry Module 3.6.8 is included in the openmrs war file
  • Download OpenMRS 1.4.5

Bug fixes included in this release


Added spain name and address format, fixed familyName layout overwrite bug (Thanks emendez!)


Fixed the Velocity initialization error in data exports


Fixed instance in two methods in which if getCompatibleNames doesn't return anything


Made the lockout per IP number configurable through a global property


Added ability to parse messages with concept ids from other concept sources


Fixed hl7 ORUR01 handler to recognize new 99NAM for hl7 sextuplets


Fixed openmrs.js file to ignore the question mark when doing an import of a javascript file into javascript


Added query string to html includes so that javascript and css files aren't cached across openmrs versions


Changed date restrictions on big getObservations method to and le from gt and lt for date parameters.


Fixed multiselects on Cohort Builder searches


Fixed searching for drug answers on obs create form


Fixed concept editing form to allow adding a drug answer when the concept answer also exists


org.openmrs.login extension point needs to be in login portlet


Readding the delete button on the concept edit page


Fixed HibernateReportDAO repersisting of saved ReportSchemaXml object.


Setting voided to not-null and hl7Code to nullable in ConceptSource

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