2013-06-06 Leadership Call

How To Join

Contact Jamie Thomas for more information on how to join the call.


  • Leads
  • Hamish Fraser - Role (15 min)
  • Q&A (7 min)
  • Paul Biondich (15 min)
  • Q&A (7 min)
  • Next call Michael & Burke to present.
  • Updates (15 min)
  • Nepal & Bangladesh
  • Financial Support - OMRS13
  • IRS Update

Meeting Minute

View at notes.openmrs.org

  • Leads
  • Paul Biondich (15 min)
  • IRS Update
  • Michael hand delivered responses for the IRS to the lawyer on 6/5 - there may be reusable text for our web presence
  • Paul will send out the final to the leadership list
  • Non Profit
  • Been thinking a lot of strategies for the non profit
  • Create templates - consultant, travel
  • Working on process for bill paying
  • OMRS Conferences
  • Would like to see meetings becoming an income generator for the community but not being the goal of the meeting just a side effect - giving us a financial backstop for the next meeting
  • Believe comference funds could help support educational and supportive needs of the community
  • Sponsorship would come to the inc and then be spent by the inc.
  • OMRS13 - potential sponsors & POC's
  • Google OSPO: Chris & Paul
  • ThoughtWorks: Paul
  • Skoll: Allegedly Hamish has a contact here
  • Safaricom: Martin Osumba
  • Orange: Backup to Safaricom, if necesary
  • Google Africa entities: Starting with OSPO first, then Steven
  • IDRC (?): Tom
  • Strategic Implementations
  • Mirebalais
  • Nepal & Bangladesh ready to do broad implementation of OMRS working with ThoughtWorks and IRD - including reference application
  • Need to create a process in which these implementations can express their needs to the reference application core development team
  • Merck has intrest in assisting with implementing OMRS in Asia, Brazil, India
  • Need to make sure that partnering orgs that may be interested in large scale implementations follow our principles - will be a need to formalized
  • Next call Michael & Burke to present.