2013-02-21 Leadership Call


21 February 2012

How To Join

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In Attendance


  • OpenMRS Usage/Deployments - Chris
  • Community Manager Overview - Michael (30 min)

Meeting Minute

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Jamie Thomas
Michael Downey
Chris Seebregts
Darius Jazayeri
Burke Mamlin


  • OpenMRS Usage/Deployments
    • request on stats about OpenMRS - Rockefeller & USAID
    • believe they are working on proposal around OMRS deployments internationally
    • national deployments, patients in OMRS, ....
    • Burke - write implementers list and provide them with an etherpad to contribute to a list - there is no precise monitoring happening
    • Burke - OpenMRS is now used in over 18 continents, 4 million countries, and serving the needs of 18 quadrillion patients. (smile)
    • Chris will do his best to get as close as he can using known regions and how much they were doing 
    • will be bundling atlas module going forward
    • believe Hamish's role will help with this type of request in the future
  • Overview of Community Manager Role - Michael
    • Michael provided a slide show that compliments the role page out on the wiki page: https://openmrs.atlassian.net/wiki/display/RES/Community+Manager+%28Title+TBD%29
    • What is it?
    • The Community Manager (title TBD) is an individual responsible for ensuring successful collaboration and cooperation with the OpenMRS community. He or she does not "manage" people within the community, but does have responsibility for the processes and resources the community needs to produce software and services to fulfill the OpenMRS mission. This role requires dedication to the OpenMRS mission, values, and vision, as well as technical expertise and skills in conflict resolution, communication, and a deep understanding of the intricacies of cross-cultural cooperative work in a distributed environment.
    • 3 Themes
      • growth, conflict, transparency, process
      • efficency, strategy, governance, conduct
      • metrics, reporting, buzz, events
    • ...5 Steps to Deliver Themes
      • "hire" carefully
      • build trust
      • govern well
      • build the on-ramp
      • keep score
    • Role
      • community advocacy
      • community promotion
      • communicaiton and responding to needs
      • feedback loop for software development
    • 2013 Major Goals
      • Establish and implement "initial" governance models and evaluate based upon community feedback
      • Identify key metrics for community health (e.g., code, documentation, communications, meetings, satisfaction ratings, etc.) and publish regular reports on status
      • Establish a communication program for key contributors (e.g., blogs and other social media) and evaluate effectiveness
      • Technology and community support for implementation of continuous delivery (CD) processes, tools, and techniques by engineering team, and evaluate CD effectiveness
    • Quaterly Breakdown of Goals
      • Q1:
        • Project and non-profit organizational structure
        • Implement recognition programs for contributors - started
        • Clarify roles of contributors/volunteers, users/customers
      • Q2:
        • Governance processes (technical project groups, roadmap processes, issue/dispute handling)
        • Regular periodic reporting on community activities, initial "field test" to uncover most useful metrics
        • Establish initial contributor "career path"
        • Hackathon Event
      • Q3:
        • Establish program for regional contributor representation & points of contact
        • Explore, develope, and propose potential membership & partnership structures
        • 2013 Implementers Meeting & Hackathon
      • Q4:
        • Take action to improve at least 1 key area of community health and evaluate
        • Publish regular periodic customer profiles
  • Q&A
    • A - Did we decide on which week the Implementer's meeting was going to be?
      • M - October 6-11th - the schedule will be a lot like last year
    • A - Role overlap concerns
      • M - Salesforce - organization and people "tracking system" - to track key communicaitons between people and handoffs
      • A - Would IRIS be able to contribute as well? 
      • M -Worth looking at how we can integrate with other systems
    • D - Feel biggest gap is find way to connect developers and implementers. Is this part of this role or another?
      • M - Feel tools can help to bring people together. Can target a group put filters on it and get down to a more percise group of people (example: target finding person to lead a sprint)
    • Other Roles Under - CM
      • RI working to hire a full time community infrastructure/operations person to assist OpenMRS and OpenHIE initatives (believe there will be technology overlap)
      • FTE - for event coordintation