2010-04-15 Leadership Conference Call


15 April 2010

How To Join

Contact Paul Biondich for more information on how to join the call.

In Attendance


  • Introductions to Dawn Smith (5 mins)
  • Evolving format of call and increased transparency (5 mins)
  • Creating an OpenMRS Organization (10 mins)
  • Roadmap Discretization (10 mins)
  • Thoughtworks catch-up (Jeff Wishnie, Zabil) (30 mins)


Introduction to Dawn Smith

  • Dawn is a MPH and our new OpenMRS organization project manager
  • Starting work building up documentation to start the non-profit organization
  • Will be also helping with grant writing and public relations work (for example, will help write and send out announcements to the mailing list)

Evolving format of call and need for increased community transparency

  • Some noted tricky balance between transparency and ability to speak with full candor about sensitive topics (like salaries, financials, etc)
  • Paul wanted to push hard on helping the larger community understand what kind of responsibilities leaders have and how resources were being spent
  • Agreed to see how it goes in short term, but not commit to making things completely open at this juncture
  • Paul will reach out to other orgs to see how they handle such issues (perhaps Allen Gunn could be helpful?)

Creating an OpenMRS Organization

  • Paul talked a little about his understanding of how the order of setting a non-profit typically occurs
  • Dawn talked a little about her early background research on the types of organizations, suggested that 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 were early candidates
  • Hamish said that it was his gut instinct that 501(c)3 made most sense to OpenMRS, would consult with his PIH colleagues
  • Andy mentioned the implications of selecting between a for-profit and non-profit organization in terms of the types of donations that could be received
  • Dawn will begin focus on developing a strawman vision and mission statement with David Eaves
  • Dawn will begin to learn about the current LLC and legal arrangements in place

Roadmap Discretization

  • Agreed to 1.7 features, with caveat on Quartz Integration... this needed to be looked at more carefully to determine scope of work... disagreement between team as to whether it was 90+% complete or not
  • Spent limited amount of time to further describe what is meant by the 1.8 performance release
  • Need to spend time next call to update each other on Quartz Integration feature and to further plan 1.8 design
  • Burke mentioned the need to take most of these conversations to the developer's conference call

Thoughtworks Discussion

  • Thoughtworks = Renowned software development consultancy organization
  • Thoughtworks has functionally "adopted" OpenMRS as a social philanthopy
  • Early work focused on helping their leadership understand the codebase, and ways that they could more substantively contribute... multiple TW's have completed tickets
  • Feedback was that code base was relatively well conceived, but strongly suggested migration towards Maven build manager and Git... this would make TW's contributions (and naturally, volunteers generally speaking) more productive and fun
  • Darius and Ben will work with team to carve out "medium-sized" project as a task that a TW team could complete together
  • Need to set up a separate design conference call to discuss pros and cons of migration to Maven and Git


  • none