Release Notes-1.2.02

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Be sure to run the associated 1.2-to-latest sqldiff file. This script
will add obs rows according to how you have them grouped. If you are
depending on obs grouping now, you should make sure all concept
in your form schemas that have child elements are defined as being
a "set" element".

Additions and Enhancements

  • Added ability to create a person from relationship picking interface
  • Obs grouping is now possible with multi layered hierarchies
  • Better jsp error output
  • Modules can control logging
  • Changed the "I forgot my password" option to a standard link
  • Moved "My Profile" to the more discrete top bar

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed obs adding interface
  • Fixed editing of numeric concepts
  • Fixed patient view/edit screen to properly show identifiers
  • Fixed patient view/edit screen to allow for voiding identifiers
  • Allow a module to property AOP around another
  • Data exports now don't return voided person attributes
  • Fixed ambigous wording on create new patient page

More detailed information can be found by looking at the tickets closed
for this release.