Design Review Schedule Localization Tools Notes

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(On BaseOpenmrsMetadata)
String getName() - loose match on current user's locale -- calls getLocalizedNames().getString(Context.getLocale(), false); 
void setName(String) -- calls getLocalizedNames().setString with Context.getLocale()
LocalizedString getLocalizedNames() - 

(On LocalizedString object)
String getValue(Locale) - strict match on Context.getLocale() -- calls getString(locale, true);
void setValue(String, Locale)
Map<Locale, String> getLocalizedValues()
void setLocalizedValues(Map<Locale, String>)

(Not discussed)
Hibernate*DAO.getXXXByName(String) -

Week 2

Allow for a name that is nonlocalized

setName(String) sets the nonlocalized name

getName() looks in current users locale, then current users language, then the nonlocalized name