2011-05-19 Leadership Conference Call


19 May 2011

How To Join

Contact Dawn Seymour for more information on how to join the call.

In Attendance

  • Hamish Fraser
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Dawn Smith



Topic Leader(s)



OpenMRS Weekly Meeting Updates

Darius Jazayeri



Meeting Minutes

  • OpenMRS Weekly Meetings
    • Darius and Dawn took all of the current and proposed OpenMRS meetings and lumped them into 3 categories:
      1. Leadership
      2. Community (implementers, end users, consumers, GSoC students)
      3. Developers
    • Leadership
      • Darius: Important to incorporate project management into the calls. 30min before/after the leadership call
      • Darius & Burke: Good opportunity for groups to come together to talk about how they will integrate their work with the OpenMRS software
    • Community
      • Darius: This is something Hamish and/or Chris Seebregts could lead
      • Hamish: Would be a great opportunity to learn from organizations who are rolling through and exploring OpenMRS
    • Developers
      • Burke: Important to outline why something needs to be discussed, explain the goal of the topic...provide structure
      • Darius: Important to outline what people expect to talk about
      • Burke: Important to review where we are in the road map, milestones (i.e. 1.9: where do we stand on milestones). Have this 1-2x/mth
        • Darius: Discuss issues in tickets and issues that may inhibit the release or staying on schedule
    • Suggestions:
      • Burke: Start developing a queue for different topics