2013-03-28 Leadership Call


28 March 2012

How To Join

Contact Jamie Thomas for more information on how to join the call.

In Attendance


  • AOB
  • WHO SE Asia - Paul
  • Funding and Fund Raising - Hamish

Meeting Minute

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Jamie Thomas
Michael Downey
Michael Seaton
Darius Jazayeri
Andy Kanter
Hamish Fraser
Burke Mamlin
Chris Seebregts

Funding and Fund Raising


  • AOB
  • Back Office Inc.
    • Spending money should be mentioned here
    • Have an accounting and book keeping firm
    • they are working on setting us up right now
    • they will provide support for taxes
    • GSoC and conference fees will go here
    • we are presumed to be non profit until we here no or yes, so we will not have to pay taxes unless we hear no
    • we can receive tax free donations now as well
    • offically non for profit org in the state of indiana so we are already exempt from sales taxes - https://openmrs.atlassian.net/wiki/display/RES/OpenMRS1+Limited
    • laywer says that we can bank beyond this year with no worries, but want to get it in a formal written form from her
    • Have not spent money at this time but talk about it going towards - support of michael, dev community process/darius
    • Need formalization around operational plan to present to the board - first discussion planned for April 11th
  • IRS Update
    • Paul spoke with our lawyer about IRS conversation she had
    • sometimes there orgs that benefit to charitable entities they support so IRS is wanting us to justify and clarify the focus of the non-profit
    • releasing work as open local capacity and "keys to the kingdom" entities could use it but the risk of that happening is very small
    • need formal notice from IRS so we can respond to it, have not received this yet and when we do we will answer this letter as a group
    • Hamish believes that it will be helpful to get letters of support from PIH becasue this is a humanitarian org
    • Paul says the lawyer feels that this will be a fact driven process
    • The fact is that OpenMRS is being used in a charitable fashion
  • WHO South Asia
    • Jytosia wanted help implementing in Nepal
    • Paul put Jytosia in touch with IRD and TW
    • Wants OpenMRS Inc. to provide high level implementation consultation services to support approaches and let other implement.
    • Let her know that we are not fully architected to do this yet and she is willing to help us get there.
    • Countries need a blueprint for how to approach an implementation and as a community we want to provide this blueprint to make sure it is a success.
    • Want to convey that we are not out there looking for implementation work. That doesn't imply OpenMRS shouldn't take a subcontract to do software development.
    • Do not have engineers at this time to do this but can put that on the wishlist
  • Funding and Fund Raising
  • Road Map Process