2010-03-18 Developers Conference Call


18 March 2010

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In Attendance



1.6 release update

  • nobody on the call is using 1.6 in testing
  • except for AMPATH
  • expected release date is tomorrow, pending updates from darius

OASYS project update

  • Dietrich called in to provide an update
  • Made a few initial commits; most code for framework is in openmrs/modules/messaging
  • Now working on SMS Messaging Service
    • currently at the point where it looks for connected modems and makes connection
    • not at the "hello world" point yet, but getting there soon
  • for SMS library, (SMSLib), there is already documentation on what you need as far as hardware/software goes
  • glancing through code from the community would be a huge help
  • once module becomes active, test it against oasys.gotdns.org


  • no updates on Jembi
  • trying to get Jembi more active in the community, help out a little more
  • Mathias is working on database backups triggered from admin interface

PIH in Haiti

  • migrating a huge system over to OpenMRS
  • other system is feature-rich, has features that OpenMRS does not have yet
  • reporting is one feature OpenMRS can improve on
  • getting control to the teams on the ground to handle patient list, etc
  • synchronization is another issue; dealing with power and internet access problems
  • offline data entry is being used with a lightweight javascript format

2.0 Technology Improvements

  • waiting on 1.6 release and leadership / roadmap meetings to be finished before moving forward