Release Notes 1.8.1

Release date: July 13th, 2011

This is a standard maintenance release over 1.8.0. It contains bug fixes back ported from the main release line and a few minor enhancements.
There are no database changes between 1.8.0 and 1.8.1. It is fully backwards and forwards compatible.


OpenMRS 1.8.1 represents OpenMRS 1.8.1 revision 21588
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Bundled Modules

This module is bundled with OpenMRS 1.8.1 and is marked as a core module. It can be upgraded, but can not be removed:

Core Module




These modules are bundled with OpenMRS 1.8.1. They will be started automatically and can be removed if desired.

Changelog in 1.8.1 since 1.8.0


  • [TRUNK-296] - Openmrs constant PRIV_PURGE_PATIENT_PROGRAMS is set to Add Patient Programs
  • [TRUNK-1638] - When a concept is retired through the web interface, retired_by, date_retired and retire_reason are NULL in database concept table
  • [TRUNK-2032] - Adding a new module from within OpenMRS web application reports an error
  • [TRUNK-2034] - Trying to create a user account for an existing patient actually duplicates the person
  • [TRUNK-2097] - Confusing error when trying to edit a concept with names whose locale is not in the locale.allowed.list global property
  • [TRUNK-2108] - User management page fails on searching with role and include disabled users
  • [TRUNK-2111] - Short names for concepts should be allowed to duplicate full-length names within a locale
  • [TRUNK-2129] - When saving voided Person PersonSaveHandler should make sure the personVoidReason field is not empty, *not* the (patient) voidReason
  • [TRUNK-2315] - search terms do not appear when viewing concept
  • [TRUNK-2317] - Logging Advice logs entire text of what is deserialized by serialization service
  • [TRUNK-2323] - Fix the logic in EventListeners.setGlobalPropertyListeners
  • [TRUNK-2339] - Tooltip on "Search Terms" on edit concept form is bad
  • [TRUNK-2344] - Upgrade Spring framework to latest stable release or atleast 3.0.3
  • [TRUNK-2421] - NullPointerException when adding a new patient
  • [TRUNK-2422] - Look for runtime properties in current directory, environment variable, then home directory
  • [TRUNK-2424] - Unable to Save New Concept when OpenMRS is run in a JVM in Indonesia/French Locale
  • [TRUNK-2428] - ConcurrentModificationException in ConceptNameSaveHandler
  • [TRUNK-2432] - ValidateUtil does not validate Concept
  • [TRUNK-2435] - PatientSearch objects with filterClass belonging to a module aren't always properly decoded
  • [TRUNK-2443] - Person attribute fields are not displayed when entering a new patient

Minor New Features

  • [TRUNK-1375] - Dashboard Slow to Load for Patients with Many Encounters
  • [TRUNK-2231] - View Concept page should display the UUID
  • [TRUNK-2292] - Add web.xml mapping for web services
  • [TRUNK-2441] - New Extension Point in headerfull.jsp for Feedback Module
  • [TRUNK-2445] - Support XML marshalling in spring MVC

(taken from listing of tickets closed for 1.8.1: