2011 Leadership Meeting (Boston)

Proposed Topics

  1. Road Map Discussion
  2. Nonprofit Organization
  3. 2011 OpenMRS Meetings
  4. Training & Consulting
  5. How We Support Metadata to the Community
  6. Discuss helping AMPATH with their testing - mentioned in 2011-02-24 Developer Call

Accepted Topics

  1. Road Map Discussion (4 hours)
    1. More explicitly decide how we want to dedicate core OpenMRS resources to important modules.
  2. Nonprofit Organization (6 hours)
    1. Discussion of BCG Process: How We want OpenMRS to look as an Organization
      1. Broader design questions
        1. i.e. How do you handle modules
      2. How the nonprofit organization and academic settings can collaborate
      3. How do we improve involvement and contributions from other organizations?
      4. Who is contributing time to OpenMRS
      5. How roles within OpenMRS will evolve
      6. Infrastructure
  3. Plans for OpenMRS funding (2 hours)
    1. Where we will look for funding?
    2. Potential collaborations
    3. What we can do over the next year and beyond
  4. 2011 OpenMRS Meetings (2 hours)
    1. Where is our main meeting?
    2. Which meetings will members of the leadership group attend?
      1. Will anyone attend both meetings?

Notes from Thursday, 3 March

Notes from Friday, 4 March