2011-06-09 Leadership Conference Call


09 June 2011

How To Join

Contact Dawn Seymour for more information on how to join the call.

In Attendance

  • Paul Biondich
  • Hamish Fraser
  • Andy Kanter
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Chris Seebregts
  • Dawn Smith
  • Ben Wolfe



Topic Leader(s)



Approve Sprint Schedule

Darius Jazayeri

10 min


Funding for OpenMRS

Paul Biondich

20 min


Documentation Update

Dawn Seymour

10 min



  • Sprint Schedule
    • Paul: Where do we want to inject a sprint for the SMART project?
    • Burke & Darius: We should re-visit web service and slot another sprint for this
    • Darius: Sprint leader should tweet and comment about how the sprint is progressing
    • Conclusion:
      • Add the following slots to the sprint schedule:
        • Web Services
        • Move Sync to later
        • Add a slot for Provider per Encounter
        • OCC (potentially earlier)
          • Finalize on Wednesday morning design call
  • Documentation
    • Paul: We need to prioritize what we focus on to start with, and the 30 June call will make that explicit
    • Dawn: Working with Ed on places to start: bins to categorize topics
    • Paul: We need to get organized before we invest in hiring a technical writer for documentation
    • Hamish: Perhaps we have someone to at least coordinate this and get it started
    • Paul: Create names for different types of documentation and put effort into fleshing out phases of this
    • Burke: Where's the technical guide, users guide, implementation guide
      • Outcomes: Look at what tools we can use, how to improve documentation, sustainable documentation, etc.
    • TODO:
      • Burke send Ed a link to the RI wiki to take a look at the documentation model for suggestions on how to get started with OpenMRS documentation
  • Funding
    • Paul: We look at a model where people are seconded into OpenMRS
    • Paul: There are ways to generate sustainable income for the NGO to hire full-time developers and ppl like dawn and Michael
      • We need to be strategic about the type of jobs we go after and the trainings we provide