2009-10-29 Developers Conference Call


29 October 2009

In Attendance

  • Mike Seaton
  • Paul Biondich
  • Win Ribeka
  • Zeeshan Rajput


  • Discretely define what determines that something becomes part of core OpenMRS.
  • Puntable Agenda Refactor the program and workflow to person from patient.


Logic Service

  • LogicCache is not accessible. Datasource can't access the LogicCache
  • Example: Getting a birthdate token, only put cache of the birthdate. When we ask for Age, the cache will miss and query the database again
  • My take on this is: the key involve LogicCriteria. So, the LogicCache will be LogicCriteria specific.
  • Locale problem with logic service. Evaluating on other language will render the English token unusable.
  • Not allowing registering concept that have multiple name as a token in logic service
    Concept Naming
  • Allow search for Concept to be configurable in term of on what locale the Concept will be returned. The user might wants to search on French locale or English locale.