2013-01-10 Leadership Call


10 January 2012

How To Join

Contact Paul Biondich for more information on how to join the call.

In Attendance


  • 2.0 Meeting in Boston
  • Review 2013 Implementers Meeting Proposals
  • MPL 2.0 Update

Meeting Minutes

View at notes.openmrs.org

Darius Jazayeri
Michael Downey
Jamie Thomas
Burke Mamlin
Andy Kanter
Paul Biondich
Chris Seebregts
Michael Seaton

MPL 2.0 Update
Review 2013 Implementers Meeting Proposals
2.0 Meeting in Boston


  • MPL 2.0 Update
    • Luis believes that we are looking at loan sufficient license
    • Will be receiving a document from Luis and review it on the leadership call and make a decision from there.
    • Formalization in place in 1-2 weeks
    • Burke will be working on the time frame from a technical perspective. He does not believe that it will take much time, maybe a week.
  • Review 2013 Implementers Meeting Proposals
    • Proposal updates are due tomorrow from the groups
    • Want to look at dates to make sure leadership has no obligations during the proposed times will then send proposal out for voting to the community
    • Voting members is anyone with an OMRS id
    • Last two weeks of Oct are prefered by Burke
    • Andy prefers the 2nd week in Oct
    • Would like to see the meeting move into Sept in the future
    • Hamish is okay with the dates (dawn ran them by him this morning)
    • Everyone is okay with the dates for the most part.
    • January 15 open voting process
  • 2.0 Meeting in Boston
    • Feb 5-6 meeting about what 2.0 would look like for Mirebali and JSS
    • ThoughtWorks team members from Brazil and India will be coming to Boston for 4 weeks
    • Hope for this to be a kick off for OpenMRS work on 2.0
    • Meeting convened by OpenMRS with an agenda around content for the next quarter
    • Other participants need to be high level strategy
    • Want to inform the attendees of our vision for 2.0
    • ThoughtWorks is making an investment in 2.0 so we want to get there buy in now
    • Burke can attend the meeting due to Wards and timing is unpredictable