2012-01-26 Leadership Conference Call


26 January 2012

How To Join

Contact Paul Biondich for more information on how to join the call.

In Attendance

Paul Biondich
Michael Downey
Darius Jazayeri
Andy Kanter
Burke Mamlin
Mike Seaton
Dawn Smith



Topic Leader(s)




Follow up on: BWH & OpenMRS Licensing Agreement

Hamish Fraser and Darius Jazayeri


Purpose: Decide on whether or not OpenMRS will sign to take code and make it open source

Annual Leadership Meeting

Dawn Seymour



Purpose: Finalise location and dates

2012 Road Map

Dawn Seymour, Darius Jazayeri, Ben Wolfe


Road Map

Purpose: Review Features list and discuss what implementations sites need from the software

Meeting Minutes

Annual Leadership Meeting

  • Save the Date: March 8-9th
  • Location: New York
  • Hosting at Columbia
    • Andy will get a hold of the key stakeholders in the department and see if there are commitments to present collaborative ideas for OpenMRS
      • Paul: We definitely want to make time to meet face to face with the Columbia team
      • Andy: It's a great way to set up more collaborative work
      • Andy: OpenMRS can present and ppl can show 5min the work that they do and find ways to collaborate from there

2012 Road Map

  • Darius: We need to develop the strategy: How we define the road map and how to reach out to groups with developers
  • Darius: We need to make the OpenMRS Road Map more than just releases of the core platform
    • Paul: That's fundamental that we reach out to different audiences, and that the road map is truly driven by the implementers
    • Darius: We need to figure out how to group and prioritize those features
      • Darius: Who are the groups with developers we want to reach out to?
        • Jembi, PIH, AMPATH, MVP,etc.
  • Paul: Once we have a list, how do we decide what to do and scope the project?
  • Darius: Do we still want to think about 3 releases per year, and why do we want that? Do we want 3 releases per year or show that we're being responsive
    • Burke: There's no science saying you must do "x" releases per year, but if we are only releasing every 6mths or more, the project feels stagnent
    • Darius: A pain point is testing
  • Darius: What if there is a release that is so awesome that you upgrade everyone to that and we also move to a world where the core changes are much smaller between releases.....would PIH upgrade more often or no?
    • Mike: The way we have release in Rwanda, it may be reasonable to do 1 OpenMRS upgrade per year...possibly 2
  • Darius: We want to be more in sync with the implementations supporting OpenMRS
  • Process:
    • Reach out to the implementers and say "here's what you sent" and expound on that
    • Any items that are voiced by more than one implementation site gets priority
    • Next we scope the road map

Follow up on BWH & OpenMRS Licensing Agreement

  • Darius: BWH wants to assign this code over to OpenMRS. The copyright goes to OpenMRS and OpenMRS grants BWH perpetual use of that material.
    • Paul: I want to see language of what's in the license
    • Andy: It's a little different. BWH is giving us something, but they still want rights to it to do what they want. If the open source license was restrictive, it doesn't apply to BWH