2009-03-19 Developers Conference Call


19 March 2009

In Attendance

  • Paul Biondich
  • Mike Seaton
  • Ben Wolfe
  • Sam Mbugua
  • Brian McKown
  • Darius Jazayeri


  • GSoC Mentors
  • GSoC Projects
  • Maitenance of projects.openmrs.org
  • OIP's involvement in this summer's internships
  • Mobile / Android updates
  • Driving the DevStudio into broad usage


  • Reaching out to potential students in implementing countries.
  • Discussion of items in Talk__Projects and what projects may fit which mentors.
  • Deciding on a project to mentor:
    • Should mentor a project that is mission critical to an implementation?
      • What are the costs if the student drops out?
    • Try to mentor a project that is relevant to what the mentor-developer needs for an implementation.
      • Projects that will satisfy an implementation's needs are good for implementations as well as good for the students' satisfaction.
    • TODO: Darius will reach out to Maro's about his mentorship in GSoC.
    • Darius is listed as WYSIWYG Designer. He will expound on it more.
      • Paul may edit this with regards to "Why this is important to medicine."
      • We should infuse the same on all descriptions.
    • We should put up any/all small/large potential projects
  • Mentors (48 hours for final decision):
    • Dave - Global Property Types
    • Darius - WYSIWYG Designer
    • Mike - Daily Reports or Note Functionality
    • Paul - Longitudinal Data Review
    • Ben - Serialization Service
    • Brian - Audit Module (possibly Form Import/Export) will commit w/in 48 hrs.
    • Justin - Quartz Scheduler (or a scheduled e-mail capability) Ben will write up both project descriptions in Justin's absence.
    • Vibha & Tammy - Caching in the Logic Service (or performance improvements to logic service) Paul with inquire of them.
    • Shaun Grannis - Patient Matching
    • Daniel Kayiwa - possibly PHP-Java Bridge (making API more accessible for PHP) or Note Functionality
      • Paul & Darius will check with Christian about the similar codesnap project.
    • Saptarshi - Role Based Home Pages
    • Other Community Members as Mentors - Mocha Mobile; Odyssius Master-Patient Index Project; Frontline SMS Server for OpenMRS
  • Projects in General
  • Make sure the /wiki/spaces/AR/pages/18514899 is ready for students to use this year as a starting pathway.