2010-04-22 Developers Conference Call


22 April 2010

In Attendance



Reporting Module

  • Darius, Justin, and Mike gave a demo and overview of the newly-release reporting module.
  • Tutorials and screencasts are available on the wiki.

Messaging Module project update

  • Some terminology changes this week based on last meeting's discussions.
  • Working on alerts (logic rules)
  • Together with InSTEDD, they will have 2-week iterations. The first started this past Tuesday.

Google Summer of Code update

  • Our list of candidates is now in the hands of Google for final preparations. Students will be announced Monday at 19:00 UTC.

Infrastructure updates

  • JIRA & Confluence staging VM at IU and production server at OSUOSL
  • WordPress environment buildout at OSUOSL on current VM running Varnish caching reverse proxy in front of nginx (for PHP) and Apache (for Trac)
  • Hosting large data sets at the IU Research Database Complex
  • Wiki content inventory with Paul Nuschke

1.7 release

  • Sy has been announced the release manager.
  • 68 open tickets for 1.7 release, 22 are unassigned (and the majority of those are intro tickets).
  • Darius:
    • Problem lists and allergy lists (see Support for Active Lists) #818
    • Location Hierarchy and Location Tagging #1287
  • Wyclif:
    • Improved handling of Concept Tags #2177
    • Migrate Boolean concepts to codes in the database #67
  • Sy:
    • Support for Spring Framework 3.0 #2126
  • Other items:
    • Quartz integration to OpenMRS scheduling system #359
    • Daemon user for background/system processes


  • Paul urged us to be better about stating duration for meeting agenda items, then sticking to them. If we need to go over, we should have a discussion when that becomes clear and decide what to adjust.