2010-04-29 Leadership Conference Call

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29 April 2010

How To Join

Contact Paul Biondich for more information on how to join the call.

In Attendance


  • Review Previous Minutes
  • Organization Update (10 mins)
  • Mission, Vision, and Values Exercise (15 mins)
  • Consulting Opportunities for OpenMRS, how do we handle them? (30 mins)


Organization Update

  • Emphasis on the development as a physical organization and virtual organization:
    • Physical: nonprofit organization (headed by Dawn Smith)
    • Virtual: online presence (headed by Michael Downey)
      • Staging environment for online presence
      • Ben, Darius, Justin, Burke, and Paul will meet with Michael to further discuss how JIRA should be configured and to develop a workflow process

Consulting Opportunities

  • Thoughts about consulting branched into two options:
    • Developer completes requests on his own (outside of OpenMRS as an organization)
    • Request filters into OpenMRS as a team and then discussion occurs for who can complete the project
  • Considerations
    • Time for work and time for consulting projects
      • Chris explained Jembi’s process of 100% regular work time and 20% additional time (equivalent to one, eight-hour work day) for projects. Point is to put some type of limitation on extracurricular work so as not to impact career
    • Ensuring that items requested for consulting are consistent with mission and values of OpenMRS
  • Conclusion:
    • Further discussion is needed to outline the following: 1) the pros and cons of consulting, 2) procedures for addressing submitted requests, 3) how the requests will be completed, and 4) who will complete the submitted requests