2015-01-15 Developers Forum

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  • Quickly review previous meeting minutes (5 min)
  • Process for keeping track of components, libraries, dependencies 
  • #MOZ15 OpenMRS-DHIS2 hackathon pre-planning
  • Review next meeting agenda


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OpenMRS Developers Forum 2015-01-15
Recording: http://goo.gl/pkCmtr (audio only) https://connect.iu.edu/p1qqpkd0o3m/ (Adobe Flash)
  • Michael Downey
  • Parker Erway
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Ryan Yates
  • Daniel Kayiwa
  • Pierre Dane
  • Hannes Jembi
  • Maurya
  • Sara Armson
  • Pascal Brandt
  • Brett Ausmeier
  • Karl Wurst
  • Sharon Varghese
  • Bhavana _
  • Wyclif Luyima
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Paul Biondich
  • Uzanysa _
  • Akash Agrawall
  • Mike Seaton
  • Cosmin Ioan
  • Alexis _
  • Rafal Korytkowski
  • Tharunya _
  • Kmit Satwikreddy
Agenda & Notes
  • Review TODOs from last week
  • Run through strategy for each OpenMRS 2.2 distributed module on design forum soon (Jamie Thomas) 
  • Invite Bahmni team to present their OpenERP integration as a form of billing support OOB for OpenMRS RA (Jamie Thomas)
  • Invite PIH to present "2.0-ified" appointment module for potential RA integration
  • TODO: Put out a call for volunteer OpenMRS 2.2 release manager (?)
  • TODO: get Wyclif in touch with David & Audrey to coordinate sprint kickoff time. (?)
  • Process for keeping track of components, libraries, dependencies (40 minutes)
  • Darius: Realizing we're behind isn't enough. We need people to make sure upgrades are getting done, tested, etc.
  • Example: Jackson JSON library. In OpenMRS Platform 1.10 we are using 1.5.0 (from 3/2010). In 1.11 we will be using 1.9.13 (from 7/2013), they have released 2.5.
  • Reasons to upgrade
  • What do we gain?
  • New devs will be used to contemporary libraries, not really old ones
  • How much work will it take?
  • Is it backwards compatible?
  • Issues
  • Backwards incompatibilities can be introduced
  • Smaller (less popular) libraries - can be challenging to get documentation on old versions
  • Potential approaches to identify the work needed
  • TODO: Burke to define the explicit role and look for someone(s) to fill it
  • Use topic fest to schedule discussions
  • Create a database/table/document to track libraries (version used & current stable release)
  • This could probably be scripted – i.e., given a list of specific libraries, scan POM in core or distributed module source, then grep the latest stable release version
  • TODO: See if we could make a script
  • TODO: Suranga to share output of version diff for CORE with dev list
  • Review library versions as part of release process
  • Create tickets to upgrade library version
  • Potiential approaches for getting the work done (i.e., actually get us upgraded)
  • Assign a dev to a spike
  • Research release notes for library from version used to current release
  • Try upgrading library and see what breaks
  • Test existing modules
  • Include library upgrade as part of sprint when working toward a release
  • Include library upgrades in menu of "ways to help" when dev group or class asks how they could help
  • Allow & encourage pull requests that upgrade a library (will need to notify module owners)
  • Maximize the work & upgrading that can happen in modules
  • Investigate whether using a newer version of a core dependency (e.g., Jackson or XStream) into a module will work.
  • Use GSoC for larger upgrades iff we believe that there is a 90% or better chance of success
  • #MOZ15 OpenMRS-DHIS2 hackathon pre-planning (14 minutes)
  • See attendee list below.
  • "People who will be there"
  • Darius (who hasn't registered)
  • Mike
  • Wyclif will be leaving early
  • Burke won't be there
  • Suranga leaves mid Sunday
  • Willa
  • Hannes will attend on Saturday
  • Schedule: Saturday (31 January) 09:00 until Sunday (1 February) 13:00
  • Potential Goals
  • DHIS2: Originally planned to participate but their DHIS2 Academy event was cancelled
  • Ask Mozambique devs/implementers (via Pascal?)
  • Strategy
  • TODO: Burke will create a Talk topic on deciding goals/expectations of hackathon as well as determining expertise of attendees
  • TODO: Pascal will talk to group from Mozambique to get ideas/goals
  • After Action Review
  • What did you expect to happen?
  • Doing the after action review
  • What actually happened?
  • ..
  • What can we do better?
  • Do the after action review
  • Preview next week
  • Input on community policy for ownership & support/maintenance of modules
Current #MOZ15 Hackathon Registered Attendees:
  1. Adelino Covane
  1. Brett Ausmeier
  1. Chris Paton
  1. Christopher Seebregts
  1. Damasceno Lopes
  1. Domingos Bernardo
  1. Dupuy Rony Charles
  1. Edias Jambaia
  1. Ellen Ball
  1. Hannes Venter
  1. Hélio Machabane
  1. Horacio Mondlane
  1. João Machiana
  1. Jose Chauque
  1. Judy Gichoya
  1. Lucio Baptista
  1. Marcelino Mugai
  1. Mario Somrei
  1. Mark Goodrich
  1. Martins Miranda
  1. Md Hasanuzzaman
  1. Michael Seaton
  1. Nelson Mahumane
  1. Oreste Parlatano
  1. Paulo Matsinhe
  1. Pierre Dane
  1. Pinto Manhiça
  1. Roberta Pastore
  1. Samuel Mbugua
  1. Shrikrishna Singh Bhati
  1. Suranga Kasthurirathne
  1. Valério João
  1. Vincent Ndazima
  1. Wayne Naidoo
  1. Wesley Brown
  1. Willa Mhawila
  1. Wyclif Luyima
  1. Darius Jazayeri



  • Audio recording of the call: Listen online or download (available after the meeting)