2013-01-31 Leadership Call


31 January 2012

How To Join

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In Attendance


  • MPL 2.0 Update - Paul (5 min)
  • Partnership Update - Chris (15 min)
  • Voting Outcome Update - Michael (10 min)

Meeting Minute

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Michael Downey
Jamie Thomas
Chris Seebregts
Michael Seaton
Paul Biondich
Darius Jazayeri

MPL 2.0 Update - Paul (5 min)
Partnership Update - Chris (15 min)
Voting Outcome Update - Michael (10 min)y
Community Manager Overview - Michael (30 min)
Next Meeting: Feb 7?


  • MPL 2.0 Update
    • Luis has drafted a disclaimer of liability language. Need to look at where this language ill be located.
    • Will provide first draft by end of the week - on wiki
    • Paul is just getting a couple questions answered and then will provide leadership with a version of the license with langauge and then the group will provide feedback
    • Time frame for 
  • Partnership Update
    • Spoke to several people/organizations this week and have more for next week
    • Chris Bailey - WHO
    • trying to get WHO site to host data
    • Took 3 hour long call with University Research Company - Neil Lesh on the call - USAID funding Assist Program
    • URC talking about partnering and writing grants with OpenMRS
    • Yaw Anokwa - Nafundi http://www.nafundi.com/
    • would like to be first class citiezens and own functions
    • Suggested ODK site helpful hire webpage, attribution or acknowledgement page, better mobile interface, facilitate convergence of differnt mobile clients, do not let OMRS cannibalize itself with implementations
    • Would like to get descriptions from orgs about what they would like to get, what they would like to see changed and what we need from them to see that through.
    • How will we scale to 100's of partner organizations?
    • If we were a company subcontracts would have added to the funcitionality of OMRS. Would like to get more.
    • TODO: Partnership role should have conversation with PIH about working forward (Evan & COO?)
    • Create a list of organizations that are available
    • Current support organizations page - http://openmrs.org/about/support/
  • Voting Outcome Update
    • voting closed and kenya received the most votes (16% more)
    • encouraged Ghana to resubmit for the 2014 conference (next couple months)
  • Community Manager Overviewhttps://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1oMl_cHoZV-CTDo7dSLA4ILuRpj0EY4ajyxSKhD7f0Ro/edithttps://openmrs.atlassian.net/wiki/x/GSlIAQ
  • Next Meeting - February 14