2013-05-23 Leadership Call

How To Join

Contact Jamie Thomas for more information on how to join the call.


Lead Discussions

  • Andy Kanter
  • Burke Mamlin 

Meeting Minute

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Leads Presenting
  • Andy Kanter - Meta-Data and Terminology Lead
  • One can break up the process into several stages or components:
  • Core terminology content development including mapping to standards (code mapping)
  • Specialized domain content development (including subsetting of content, expansion of content, etc.)
  • Mapping of user requirements to specific concepts (field mapping)
  • Deployment of content within the software platform (including searching within forms, data capture tools, etc.)
  • Meta-data modeling and information modeling including schema design
  • Ontolological work including building of aggregate indicators and measures (including maps to standard quality measures, etc.)
  • Reporting/Analysis using common algorithms, formulae and concepts
  • Transactional translation or tagging for on-the-fly encoding of concepts
  • Note: #1, 3 and 4 are minimally essential for success of the platform. Currently, different players perform thse functions.
  • Next Steps
  • Andy would like to connect w/ Chris about having partnership discussions
  • IMO map to exsisting CIEL content
  • Darius will need a subset of concepts from CIEL for the reference application
  • Buke Mamlin - Engineering Lead
  • Get roles defined - went through this process and have taken care of those that are high priority - need to work on helping to build developer experience
  • Implementations noticeably more involved in development - want implementations to drive development e.g., Mirebalais
  • Tangible maturation of our continuous deployment practices - Breeze coming on board and reference application have moved this forward
  • Improve the experience for developers - GSoC project around SDK (Rafal mentoring)
  • Trying to make our deployment process better
  • Have started bootstraping dev forum - holding Topic Fest evey quarter so that members feel more involved
  • GSoC projects - student get announced Monday
  • TODO: Jamie set up a time for Darius, Michael, and Burke to talk about MPL 2
  • See splintering in what is omrs development? - concerned as we scal up how do we maintain and create cohesion
  • Next Steps
  • Ownership of documentation - having someone waking up thinking about that - think Open Help Conference will be helpful
  • More project managment and/or process to keep track of things
  • Would be nice to go back over goals for roles every six months or so
  • Next Week - Chris Seebregt and Micahel Downey will present next week