2015-01-15 Leadership Call

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Meeting Minute

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  • Local Community Process Update - Pascal & Suranga
  • Why regional communities?
  • Beneficiaries
  • Regional community members
  • OpenMRS
  • Implementers
  • Types of communities
  • Implementers, developers or clinicians (geo co-located only for now)
  • Requirements for establishing a regional community (at this time these are exsisting tasks a communitiy should already be doing to be recognized)
  • Convene regularly
  • Self governance
  • Development of their own agenda / focus
  • Communication ( documentation / mailing lists)
  • The process for establishing and running a regional OpenMRS community
  • Establishment process
  • Ability to meet our proposed requirements
  • Choose a name (e.g. OpenMRS Mozambique)
  • Set up infrastructure/resources
  • Running process
  • Responsibilities
  • Continue to meet the requirements
  • Periodically report back to the global community
  • Support and benefits
  • Technical infrastructure
  • Branding and recognition
  • Knowledge resources
  • Kenya Case Study
  • Background
  • Michael went to Kenya last month and they reviewed things that have worked well and not worked well over the last year
  • Resource requests
  • clear module ownership and support policy for the OpenMRS community globally
  • more targeted channels fo communications that were relevant to them
  • Interests
  • Set up wiki pages
  • Launch regional community process at #MOZ15 by giving a better version of this presentation
  • Establish Mozambican community more formally (Pascal)
  • Open Questions?
  • APAC communities
  • Need to think more about how to integrate with larger groups. Want to make sure OpenMRS community groups are not diluted so people get their questions answered quickly so need to think about that.
  • Different types of communities
  • Special Interest groups (SIG)
  • Geographically co-located groups that are interested in non implementation specific tasks
  • Others?
  • will have an announcement around MOZ and Kenya being intial regional communities before opening the gates to others. also the two exsisting regional communities will go thru the application process to make sure it meets al their needs
  • Touch base on Camp14 Action Items - Paul
  • those tasks that have not moved forward on this list will be followed up on by jamie and paul
  • TODO: Leads send revisions/suggestions to the "Community Roles" doc to Paul.  Would like to have all of the feedback by Monday, Jan 19th.
  • Paul will then present a new version on Tuesday, Jan 20th and then leads can provide feedback on this second verison by Friday, Jan 23rd.
  • Implementers Meeting Update
  • financial update posted to the leadership group