2013-03-21 Leadership Call


21 March 2012

How To Join

Contact Paul Biondich for more information on how to join the call.

In Attendance


  • Pre MPL 2 + Disclaimer: Licensing Discussion
  • Reference Application
  • Implementers Meeting Funds
  • Non - Profit Back Office

Meeting Minute

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Jamie Thomas
Paul Biondich
Burke Mamlin
Michael Seaton
Michael Downey
Darius Jazayeri
Chris Seebregts

Pre MPL 2 + Disclaimer: Licensing Discussion
Reference Application
Implementers Meeting Funds
Non - Profit Back Office


  • Non - Profit Update
    • Paul will talk to the lawyers next week still working through the designation process
    • Will then come back to the leadership group
  • Non - Profit Back Office
  • Road Map discussion will be held on April 4th - mark your calendar (smile)
    • Is the Road Map Playground clear? - https://openmrs.atlassian.net/wiki/display/projects/Road+Map+Playground
    • it is a "community road map" not just focused on technology but looks at the bigger picture/high level map
    • pivotal that the leads have input so that the road map blends together well for the community
    • building the "community road map" will help to influence the technology roadmap
  • Pre MPL 2 + Disclaimer: Licensing Discussion
    • Final feedback by tomorrow from the community
    • Feel if you advance the core code you need to contribute back to OpenMRS
    • Then need to look at the strategy and tactics for moving this forward
    • List of todo items - update website, code, wiki, newletter announcement, blog post about history and timeline, distributed modules, one pager instructions to run scripts to update you module to MPL 2
    • Would love to go into GSoC/ this summer with OSI approved license
    • 1. email to community
    • 2. tactics to change code/license/header - burke, darius, and michael discussion
    • come back to leadership
    • full license followed by disclaimer
    • work on lines as well 
    • 3. change code of core and distributed module
    • 4. change license page w/ FAQ
    • 5. burke will blog
    • 6. module owner wiki page to update license w/ FAQ
    • 7. update eclipse and other tools (templates)
    • checking to see if the old license have crept back in (like supported modules)
    • regular license review/ "health of the license"
    • look at other licensed artifacts
  • Implementers Meeting
    • date has been set
    • Oct 6-7 - Hackathon 
    • Oct 8-11 - Meeting
    • venue has been booked
    • Burke suggests looking into having a tutorial session at future events
    • funds
    • Paul will be working on this
  • Reference Application Update
    • first sprint starts next week - "Iternation 0"
    • trying to bring in new development processes first two weeks
    • Big Goal - EMR used at POC and works out of the box
    • there will be several sprints in a row to slowly build up a functional application with few features the run perfectly
    • server for work in progress of the reference application
    • Michael says we have this capability
    • keep in mind this will become a demo
    • Breeze is suppose to start Monday 3/25 and will help us to set up servers
    • Have core dev team. 2 out of 3 will work on reference application for the unforseeable future
    • Darius will be 50%
    • 10-15% TW India person
    • Missing business analyst support
    • Darius will talk to Kiran about his ability to do this roll
    • Project style wiki page for the reference application
  • IMO-OpenMRS Update
    • IMO will be working with OpenMRS
    • grad students working on top of the platform
    • Andy will talk to Chris about partnerships