2011-02-17 Leadership Conference Call


17 February 2011

How To Join

Contact Dawn Seymour for more information on how to join the call.

In Attendance

Paul Biondich
Darius Jazayeri
Andy Kanter
Dawn Smith
Ben Wolfe


Top 10 Features - Overview of the Updated List (10 min)

Meeting Updates (30 min)

  • Boston Leadership Meeting
  • West Africa Meeting in Nigeria
  • South East Asia Meeting

Meeting Minutes

Top 10 Features

  • Trying to elicit more responses from the community
  • Send out list to developer mailing list and see what happens from there
    • Dawn and Paul will revise list to categorize recommended/requested features
  • In the future look past features and ask the community what they want to do with OpenMRS

Meeting Updates

  • West Africa Meeting
    • Dawn is speaking with individuals in the West Africa region about their needs/wants of the meeting and their possible contributions
  • South East Asia
    • Initial planning stages. First meeting to occur before Boston leadership meeting