Integrating CFL’s SMS Module into O3

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The CFL SMS module in general is an API module. It provides a layer between other OMRS modules and common SMS (or any text message) service providers.

The main advantage is that once you make your module to work with the SMS, you can later configure any provider to work with the SMS module without any additional coding, that includes world-wide services like Vonage, and also local service providers like Rwanda-based FDI. The complete solution comes as an OpenMRS module, no other middleware is required. Some general documentation regarding the module can be found here.

We think it might be useful for other implementations and we would like to make it more accessible.

The goal of the project is:

  1. Making an O3 UI for configuring a service provider, inc.: maintenance view with list of all messages sent from the system. There are no O3 designs, but there is customized 2.x style UI to base new design on.

  2. Making an O3 UI, aimed at system administrators, to facilitate configuration of Scheduling SMSes on a predefined interval.

In short, using the SMS module you can configure that: at 12 o’clock the system should get recipients and corresponding text messages from an OMRS report and send SMS to everyone on that list.

Required Skills

  • Familiarity with REST interfaces
  • Familiarity with OpenMRS
  • React

Project Rating and Length


175 hours


  • Abtract goal
    • Making an SMS module easier to use for O3-based OpenMRS distributions by providing an O3-compatible UI.
  • Mandatory Goal
    • Making an O3 UI design for configuring a service provider, "Send SMS" test page, SMS's Logs page.
      • Migrating current 2.x design into O3 technology and making it according to OMRS O3 style-guide is acceptable.
    • Implementing O3 ESM with the pages. 
  •  Optional Goal

Not an objectives

  • Ensuring the SMS module is included in OpenMRS 3.x Reference Application is not an objective of this project.