Metadata Mapping Module

What this module does

The goal of Metadata Mapping is to solve many of the problems around metadata management by providing an easy & explicit way for metadata within a system (encounter types, location, etc.) to be mapped to external vocubularies.

The current release includes a small set of features. The current development effort is documented at Metadata Mapping (Design Page).

Documentation / How-To

REST api is not available yet (see

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) so the only option is to use Java APIs directly from you modules.


Metadata Mapping Module at the module repository

Release Notes

  • 1.1.0 (unreleased)
    • REST api (MAP-8)
  • 1.1.0-alpha1
    • Refactor ConceptSource methods to eliminate ambiguity (MAP-14)
    • Map metadata with MetadataTermMappings under a namespace defined by a MetadataSource (MAP-3, MAP-5, MAP-7, MAP-10, MAP-11, MAP-13)
    • Drop support for OpenMRS before 1.9.x (MAP-9)
    • Cleanup sources (MAP-2)
    • Format code (MAP-1)


This module was initially developed by raff.

The code repository is at:

Issue management is at:

Refactor ConceptSource methods to eliminate ambiguity