Module Repository

OpenMRS Add-ons index

A new project is being developed to support a wider, distributed ecosystem that allows people in the community to publish their OpenMRS add-ons wherever they want, as GitHub Releases, to Bintray, to Maven, etc.This will eventually replace the OpenMRS Module Repository. For more info regarding the new OpenMRS Add-ons index, see here.


The module repository is simply a collection of modules that developers have created and uploaded.  They have not necessarily been tested by OpenMRS, so please keep that in mind.  Nefarious modules are removed once reported.

Where is the module repository?

The repository is hosted at:

How to Upload

  1. Visit the module repository app.
  2. Click on the "Add Module" button
  3. Sign in with your OpenMRS ID. (same one used by this wiki and jira)
  4. Finish any details (module homepage, screenshots, etc) and click save

If you are trying to update a module not owned by you, contact the module developer for permissions or code@openmrs if they are unavailable.

Who can Upload?

Every developer with an OpenMRS ID is allowed to upload and manage their module in the repository.

Advantages of Using the Repository

For developers:

The config.xml inside of your module has a tag for "updateURL".  OpenMRS uses this url to check for updates to your module.  If you upload a new version to the module repository, all users of your module will be notified that an update is pending.

For implementations:

The repository is a central place to find available modules. Most modules downloaded from the repository will be linked back to it so that you can be notified when an update is available.


All modules in the module repository are free to upload and free to download.  The source code for the modules may or may not be open source, that is up to the individual developer.  The main OpenMRS repository will never charge for downloading modules.  If a module chooses to charge for use of a module (via some key or the like) that is up to them.

Source Code

The source code for the module repository is located in svn: