Atlas Module


The Atlas Module provides a simple mechanism for OpenMRS implementations to automatically update their marker on the OpenMRS Atlas. Its main purpose is to collect implementation information from administrators and send it to the OpenMRS server on a weekly basis. Sensitive data (e.g.: patient information) will never be sent to OpenMRS, and an administrator can always see exactly what will be sent.

User Guide

Atlas Module User Guide

OpenMRS Requirement

The module requires at least OpenMRS 1.8.4


Download the Atlas module omod file.

Get the Atlas module project from Github.

Release Notes

Version 1.0.0
  • Initial version with basic functionality
Version 1.1
  • Fixed compilation of managemarker.jsp on Tomcat 7 - ATLAS-29
  • Upgrade atlas module to require 1.7.x version - ATLAS-43
  • Pointing SERVER_URL to - ATLAS-30
  • Shutdown task before deleting - ATLAS-32
  • Added drop-down list for displaying implementation types - ATLAS-15
  • Implementation type shows as undefined within map - ATLAS-31
  • Let user know that implementation name is required - ATLAS-33
  • ModuleResourcesServlet fails to find files - ATLAS-34
  • Fixed DWR configuration error - ATLAS-35
  • Implementation id global property is never set - ATLAS-45
  • Fix atlas bubble data form to fit on the map canvas - ATLAS-47
  • Upgrade atlas module to require 1.7.4 version - ATLAS-43
Version 2.0
  • Port the module as an app for OpenMRS 2.0.
  • Maker ownership of an implementation via OpenMRS ID.
  • Add french local.


Victor Chircu, under the supervision of Burke Mamlin and Saptarshi Purkayastha. (2011)
Alexis Duque, under the supervision of Burke Mamlin and Elliott Williams as part of GSoC 2014.

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