FormImportExport Module

Not Supported

This module is no longer maintained. Please use the Metadata Sharing Module instead.


The FormImportExport module lets you export an OpenMRS form (as a ZIP archive) from one server and import it into another. The only restriction is that you must have identical concept dictionaries on both servers. (Specifically, every concept referenced by the form you export must exist with the same conceptId on the server you're going to import it into.)

This module also allows you to automatically keep your concept dictionary in sync with a 'parent' concept dictionary, on a server that is also running this module. To enable this functionality you must set the 'formimportexport.parentConceptServer.url' global property, and manually initiate the concept synchronization from the Administration section.

WARNING: In order to use this functionality, your concept dictionary must start out as a copy of that parent dictionary, and you may not make any local modifications to the dictionary yourself. The module will not prevent you from doing so, however, so use with care.

TODO in future versions:

  • It will also allow you do updates as a scheduled task
  • Lock your local dictionary to prevent local edits if you've enabled downloads from a master dictionary server.

Concept sync


See the module repository for the latest downloads.

Release Notes


  • Removes restriction that requires the formentry module to also be installed
  • Enables import and export of forms only if formentry module is installed


  • Syncs concepts between instances of OpenMRS that have the Concept Name Tag architecture.
  • Syncs concept_name_tag table before syncing concepts.
  • Includes better support for unicode characters. Accented vowels in French, for example, will now sync correctly.


  • Exactly like 1.5.3, but fixed to only require


  • Works with version 1.4 of the OpenMRS API, including new Concept Name enhancements from MVP.
  • NOTE: This version is incorrectly marked as requiring, instead of


  • Version 1.5 was broken. In 1.5.1 concepts actually download in the correct order.


  • Updated to work with version 1.3 of the OpenMRS API, in both trunk and sync variants.
  • Bugfix to the order that concepts are downloaded from concept server, so that answers and set members are always downloaded before their parent concept.
  • NOTE: This version is broken. Use 1.5.1 instead.


  • Improved the 'look for differences' algorithm, and added a bug fix introduced by sync code.
  • Changed the Xstream converter for sql_timestamp datatypes.


  • Added sync functionality


  • Configuration for 'Sync With Parent' is now on that page itself.


  • Improved UI for sync with parent.
  • Bugfix: sync with parent now creates local concepts with the correct dateCreated and dateChanged from the parent


  • Allows you to download concept updates from another server, which must be running the same module


  • Bugfix to allow you to import forms whose schema is deeper than 2 levels.
    • E.g. A form with OBS -> Physical Exam -> { WEIGHT, HEIGHT, BP } would not have imported correctly before this version.
    • Forms exported with previous versions of the module are fine, but would import incorrectly. This release fixes the import issue.


  • Updated to work with formentry module versions 2.6 and higher.