Notifiable Condition Detector (NCD) Module

What this module does

This module embeds a Notifiable Condition Detector (NCD) inside the OpenMRS instance as a separate server thread. The NCD processes HL7 messages sent to a port specified by a setting (formerly Global Property from platform 1.8 downwards), looking for messages with segments that indicate medical conditions of interest to agencies such as the CDC. For each such message segment, the NCD creates a Patient, an Encounter, and a group of obs recording the details of the detected condition.

Further NCD also constantly monitors the data being entered into an OpenMRS installation. Incoming data is matched against a pattern or critic, and when data is entered that matches certain conditions it is deemed a notifiable condition and the NCD module takes a predefined action.


Installation Guide

Getting Started

Technical Overview



Release Notes

  • 1.3
    • Made the minimum required OpenMRS version for NCD to be OpenMRS 1.6
    • Fixed NCD Module to work with OpenMRS 1.8+
    • Enabled Message Delivery Triggered by Conditions
    • Integrated Messaging Module as a dependency, to send email and/or sms from the NCD module


This module was developed by John Brown, Erik Horstkotte, Andy Thorson and Sriskandarajah Suhothayan (Suho).