Settings Editor Module

This module was developed by Jembi.


The Settings Editor module is a new front end for managing settings. As opposed to a long list of properties (as seen on the maintenance page), the properties are organized into a tree structure according to their prefixes. This makes it easier to access the property you're looking for.


The module supports adding, deleting and updating settings.

Screen shots

Below are two screenshots of the settings editor page.


A database version of at least is required. In order for this module to work correctly, your global_property table needs to have three columns - property, property_value and description.


You can download the latest Settings editor module here


In order to use the Settings Editor Module, take the following steps:

  • Download the latest build of the Settings Editor module
  • See Administering_Modules for instructions regarding module installation
  • Go to the OpenMRS Administration page
  • Click on the "Manage Settings" link under the "Settings Editor Module" heading
  • Begin managing Settings


Any suggestions, contributions or feedback regarding this module will be greatly appreciated. Please see the Modules page for information relating to developing modules.

Known issues

There are some known issues in the module. Some of these are itemized below:

  • Page Load
    • The module page seems to take a long time to load
    • The Add/Save buttons and heading are displayed before the content
  • Design
    • The module currently uses it's own service and DAO. With some refactoring, these elements could be removed and the module could use the existing core functionality.
  • Deletion
    • When deleting all of the properties in a specific tree node (identified by a property prefix) the tree node is not destroyed. However, the tree node will no longer be displayed once the changes have been saved.

Features TODO

It would useful to have a search box which could be used to filter the property tree.


There are currently no tests for this module. Unit tests need to be developed for this module.